October, 2013

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Roxon revises history in whinge about intelligence committee

, Oct 17, 2013

Nicola Roxon is engaging in self-serving revisionism in criticising Parliament's intelligence committee. Her record of conduct tells a much different story.
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Going dark and the logic of mass surveillance

, May 14, 2013

US agencies are grappling with the same technological challenges as British and Australian agencies but have the advantage of being able to act beyond the law.

‘Banality of evil’: new documents lift the veil on data retention

, Feb 14, 2013

New documents shed light on the enthusiasm of the Attorney-General's Department to move forward with (and think large on) data retention, and the resistance it encountered from industry.

National security inquiry delay to put data retention on hold

, Dec 20, 2012

A key inquiry into controversial national security reforms like data retention will miss its reporting deadline. And the Attorney-General's Department only has itself to blame.

What is the government up to on Australia’s internet kill switch?

, Sep 10, 2012

The government's national security proposals may raise the prospect of a return to an issue settled in 2003. If only we could be sure ...