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Why Muslim leaders must change the rhetoric

September 19, 2012 9

Many Muslims in Sydney haven't been this embarrassed since Shaykh Hilaly's infamous catmeat comments. It's time to change the rhetoric from Muslim leaders.

Unexpected mystery at the atheists’ convention

April 16, 2012 9

It seems like a bit of a mystery when you hear at an atheists’ convention what a good job Christians are doing to help defend the rights of women against fundamentalist Muslims.

Bernardi highlights a double standard on terrorism

September 9, 2011 9

The double standard behind our anti-terrorism laws needs to be brought out into the open and examined.

Anti-Muslim US security chief must be dreading a filing cabinet in Tripoli

August 26, 2011 13

When are the respective governments going to make any form of protest to the leadership of Congress about the leadership role of a man unconcerned for the deaths of civilians in allied countries "because they weren't Americans?"

Bracing for the name of the perpetrator …

July 25, 2011 2

Considering the knee jerk coverage from some of the world's media outlets over the weekend, this is worth the click.

Kooks n crackpots … give ’em publicity, own the consequences

July 21, 2011 58

The Right continues to whine and dine at an impressive rate.

The Pakistan dilemma

The Pakistan dilemma

March 16, 2011

The UK government is planning to double overseas aid to Pakistan to more than £445 million. The country could clearly use it but supporting Muslims is making Christians angry, writes Richard Farmer.

‘Islam in Australia’ a debate we should be allowed to have

February 21, 2011 13

Crikey readers have their say.

The media pigeonholing Muslims is not helping any cause

February 18, 2011 7

Yes, there's a lot that all ethnic and religious communities in Auburn and Lakemba community need to do, but to assume that gangland is defined purely by one religion is just ridiculous. Last time I checked, the Morans weren’t praying five times a day.

Ignoring what the people think

Ignoring what the people think

February 18, 2011 3

My own observations and conversations suggest the anti-Muslim sentiment is both strong and growing.

Are we too scared to find out?

Are we too scared to find out?

February 17, 2011 3

Apparently a petition like this one calling for a ban on Muslim immigration has been tabled some 68 times in Federal Parliament.

Rundle: the multiculti waters run deep and warm

February 16, 2011 19

It is only when people want to build mosques, start community groups, etc, that the question of what a culture is becomes urgent.

An angry voice behind the veil

An angry voice behind the veil

January 24, 2011 183

This April, France will ban Muslim women from wearing face-covering veils. But one French woman Kenza Drider explains why she refuses to take off her niqab and why she’ll take her fight to the European Court of Human Rights if she gets fined.

Muslims can be blonde and aborigines can be white

September 23, 2010

Racial stereotyping doesn't help anybody. Putting Muslims against Christians in Australia, rather than both living happily and freely in a secular society brings down both sides. Andrew Bolt should take note, says Irfan Yusuf.

America: land of the feeble, home of the weak?

September 13, 2010

The amount of lies, hate and confusion swirling around the United States right now about Muslim people and Barack Obama is staggering. This isn't what America is supposed to be about, writes Nicolas Kristof.

Praying for peace: the Muslim prayer room in the Twin Towers

September 13, 2010

The twin towers of the World Trade Center held a Muslim prayer room, a popular and calm place. It's an important fact to remember amongst all the mosque near Ground Zero vitriol: Muslims and Islam have always been a part of life there.

Breaking the fast: Ramadan in Cairo

August 19, 2010

Scott Bridges experiences sunset in Cairo during Ramadan, when residents spill onto the street to get their first bite to eat and drink after a long hot day in the holy month fast.

Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda

May 5, 2010 31

Once a jolly swagman...

Sheridan: Ban the burqa

February 4, 2010

Immigrants must adhere to and embrace the values of their adopted countries, says Greg Sheridan. In western societies, like France and Australia, that means equality for women, and burqas have no place.

Give us a break, the fake sheik’s not worth the effort

October 23, 2009 9

You’ve heard of tabloid media going after thick sheiks. Now some are even using fake sheiks. And even our PM is being questioned on whether their citizenship should be stripped.