January, 2018

The Rocky Horror allegations seem strangely inconvenient for the arts fluff of The Advertiser

, Jan 12, 2018

Coverage of Craig McLachlan's sexual misconduct allegations (or lack thereof) is highlighting the limits of rigour in Adelaide arts journalism.

The problem with Hamilton isn’t Mike Pence, it’s that it is racist, whitewashing trash

, Nov 22, 2016

If it is not OK to normalise hatred, and of course it is not, then Hamilton is not OK. Mike Pence is the least of the musical's problems.
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Anything Goes, even Alan Jones stealing a real actor’s job

, Sep 05, 2014

Why has Australia’s most heavily subsidised arts company, Opera Australia, cast Alan Jones in its production of Anything Goes? The company's artistic director, Lyndon Terracini, claims it's the shock jock's "wicked sense of humour". Hmmm, only one of those words accurately describes Jones...