April, 2015

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Plus ca change … The Monthly turns 10

, Apr 24, 2015

Australia's magazine of ideas, The Monthly, is marking its 10th birthday.
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Crikey 15 | Digital disruptions: Morry Schwartz

, Feb 24, 2015

Property developer and publisher Morry Schwartz is the owner of three of Australia’s most influential print publications -- Quarterly Essay, The Monthly and The Saturday Paper. But he tells Crikey even he is abandoning print.
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The Saturday Paper hits newsstands: it’s good, but is it enough?

, Mar 03, 2014

Publisher Morry Schwartz said The Saturday Paper will have the first and last word. But the editors Crikey spoke to say that isn't the case ... at least not yet.
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Media briefs: AFR redundo payback? … Schwartz’s print revolution …

, Nov 15, 2013

We've heard a very heavy-hitter was knocked back for a redundancy from Fairfax. Plus other media snippets.
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Saturdays with Morry: Schwartz to launch new newspaper

, Nov 07, 2013

Who said print was dead? Crikey has the juice on a new newspaper bankrolled by Monthly publisher Morry Schwartz. Look for it on Saturdays.
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Media maestro Morry Schwartz

, Dec 05, 2011

His Quarterly Essay and The Monthly magazine are the most powerful left-wing voices in Australia. Paul Barry profiles publisher -- and property tycoon -- Morry Schwartz.
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Ellis to The Monthly: show me the money

, May 05, 2010

Another episode in the sad and extraordinary saga of Asian-based freelance journalist Eric Ellis and Melbourne’s intellectual magazine, The Monthly, is about to unfold.

Manne relishes controversy, Warhaft does not

, May 05, 2009

Manne may thrive on public controversies, but I don’t relish them and Sally has hated every second of this one, writes Gideon Haigh.

Gideon Haigh: Why I won’t write for The Monthly again

, May 03, 2009

The now ex-writer for The Monthly steps in to defend sacked editor (and former partner) Sally Warhaft -- and explain his perspective of the publishing feud.

The Monthly: detractors shouldn’t hide behind anonymity

, May 01, 2009

Mark Aarons and Alex Miller weigh in on the recent developments at The Monthly.