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Rundle: the tortured moral philosophy of offshore detention

Rundle: the tortured moral philosophy of offshore detention

July 28, 2014 29

Degrading the distinction between action and the consequences of non-action undermines all morality. Crikey's writer-at-large parses the moral arguments for offshore detention and the current bombing of Gaza.

The science of climate change is only a small part of the discussion

November 17, 2009 36

Equating climate change doubters and dissenters with mass-murdering war criminals is the mark of a moral dwarf, writes Sinclair Davidson.

Hamilton: Denying the coming climate holocaust

November 16, 2009 117

Which is morally worse: Holocaust denial or climate change scepticism? It sounds like a no-brainer, but the real-life consequences of climate sceptics succeeding may far outweigh those of Holocaust denialists.

No more Cronulla beach anti-immigration rage

October 30, 2009

It's not Kevin Rudd's immigration policies or public opinion that have changed, just the media's treatment of the government's actions. The media has bizarrely flip flopped this week into the morality police.

Rundle: Groping for grace as Tony goes catacomic

November 2, 2007 5

How could Tony Abbott get it so wrong, so often, so many ask? The answer is, of course, that he doesn’t think like most of us. He’s essentially a medieval Catholic, and his morality runs on a different model, writes Guy Rundle.