October, 2017

The company that called the mining tax a ‘sovereign risk’ has been charged with fraud

and , Oct 18, 2017

While they were lecturing Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard about tax, Rio Tinto was engaged in massive destruction of shareholder wealth. Now the US corporate regulator is gunning for them.

Banks recycle mining tax lies to attack the government

, May 12, 2017

Been there, done that -- the lines and lies of the mining tax debate are being dusted off by the banks and their media cheerleaders to attack the government's bank tax.

The one election promise Mark McGowan should break immediately

, Mar 14, 2017

Mark McGowan should quickly move to increase royalties on the mining companies, writes former head of Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet John Menadue.

Poll Bludger: the party with the cojones to take on the mining fat cats is … the Nationals?

, Mar 03, 2017

The rent-seeking minerals peak body is campaigning hard against the one party that dares to suggest charging the mining companies more for carting away Western Australia's material wealth.

Yes, Labor really did kill off the mining boom

, Sep 29, 2016

New data shows the mining sector at its lowest ebb since 2011 -- even though Tony Abbott promised "a second mining boom" if he repealed the carbon price and mining tax.
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How Abbott rewards the IPA: part 2

, Apr 15, 2015

Freelance journalist Andrei Ghoukassian and former Crikey senior journalist Andrew Crook have sifted through all 100 policies promoted by the Institute of Public Affairs and found the Abbott government has promised quite a few of them.
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Bullying banks threaten govt over price-signalling

, Nov 03, 2014

With the banks brow-beating the government over price-signalling, we can't afford to dump laws that protect the public.
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Fairer share of mining profits still part of Whitlam’s unfinished business

, Oct 23, 2014

Fairly and effectively taxing the mining industry has been the Labor party's white whale for decades.
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Fox guarding the hen house? State government revenues raise regulatory questions

, Sep 18, 2014

State governments shouldn't be in charge of regulating the industries whose duties and taxes prop up their budget.
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Can states wean themselves off gambling, mining and property revenue?

, Sep 18, 2014

Crikey can exclusively reveal the proportion of state and territory government revenues that come from property, mining and gambling. Can they be relied on to properly regulate these industries?