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Yale Diaries: Michelle Obama, football and the limits of silence

October 18, 2017 3

A recent conversation between Michelle Obama and Roxane Gay illustrates that the idea we can "stay out" of politics is a false one, writes our Yale correspondent, freelance writer Emma Shortis.

Smarter than your average Colbert: liberal media’s stupid obsession with Trump’s intelligence

May 18, 2017 20

Certain media outlets have developed an unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump's sanity and intelligence, as well as becoming fixated on technocratic qualifications.

Will Obama’s book deal make Trump jealous?

March 1, 2017 2

The publishing rights to books by Barack Obama and wife Michelle have reached the heady figure of US$60 million (nearly A$80 million).

Michelle Obama’s convention speech pointless drivel

July 28, 2016 25

Michelle Obama spoke of role models and symbols, while Americans fall deeper into poverty.

Why we’ve lost interest in the Nigerian schoolgirls, 100 days on

Why we’ve lost interest in the Nigerian schoolgirls, 100 days on

July 24, 2014 7

It has been 100 days since the Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped. What did #BringBackOurGirls achieve, and where has the outrage gone? United Nations adviser Robert Johnson writes from Nairobi.

Further great news for lobbyists

Further great news for lobbyists

September 11, 2012 2

It was proved again this morning -- put on enough pressure and this Labor government will weaken.

Media briefs: Verrender joins BS … Age ed roams … Bolt on Bolsheviks …

Media briefs: Verrender joins BS … Age ed roams … Bolt on Bolsheviks …

September 6, 2012 3

In today's Media Briefs: Verrender joins Business Spectator ... Rundle on Bolt: rewriting history ... Front Page of the Day ... The Department of Corrections ... Elisabeth Murdoch paid almost $4m for running Shine by News ...

Michelle knocks it out of the park

Michelle knocks it out of the park

September 6, 2012 2

“Ann Romney squeaked it out, while Michelle Obama knocked one out of the park,” wrote Guy Rundle¬†of the first lady’s address to the Democratic National Convention yesterday afternoon. You can read his giddy account online, or watch the speech all sides of politics couldn’t help but love for yourself …

Rundle: the night Michelle Obama buried Ann Romney (and the GOP)

September 5, 2012 34

She came, she saw, she conquered. Michelle Obama already had the faithful eating out of her hand, but tonight at the Democratic National Convention she buried Ann Romney -- and the rest of the GOP.

Rundle: Democrats raw and real in taking the fight to the Right

September 5, 2012 7

The energy in the Time Warner Cable Arena is phenomenal, beyond anything the RNC summoned up for any speaker in three days in Florida. Crikey warms up with the Democrats.