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As the subpoenas fly, we resume playing our favourite game: ‘Where’s Michaelia?’

May 30, 2018 9

Once again Michaelia Cash is in hiding as the Federal Court issues a subpoena for her in the AWU case.

Why so shy, Michaelia?

April 19, 2018 15

If Michaelia Cash is doing such a good job of generating Australian jobs, why is she so media-shy?

Hinch’s Senate Diary: Malcolm better hope that life begins at 30

March 9, 2018 11

The PM is heading towards 30 failed opinion polls, so he'd better start squaring up for the inevitable midnight visit from the ghost of Abbott, writes Senator Derryn Hinch.

Character comes to the fore but not in the way the government hoped

March 2, 2018 38

The government decided to make Bill Shorten's "character" its target this week. Not unexpectedly, it blew up in its face.

Tips and rumours

February 28, 2018 11

More woe for Centrelink users to come ... Cash's innuendo ... who leaked against Roman Quaedvlieg?

Understanding David De Garis and the West Wing-inspired myths about political advisers

November 3, 2017 11

It isn't the fault of political advisers that things have gone to pot in Canberra, writes Sean Sammon.

Dash for Cash … A-listers’ anti-piracy hypocrisy … reader support grows at The Guardian …

Dash for Cash … A-listers’ anti-piracy hypocrisy … reader support grows at The Guardian …

October 27, 2017 4

Michaelia Cash's current crisis has been a gift to headline writers. We've picked out some of the best.

A lot of smoke but no fire at the AWU

October 27, 2017 21

Amid the fallout of the the ROC's foot-shootingly efficient raid, no one seems to be asking what crime the AWU actually committed.

Crikey Worm: crunch time for the Citizenship Seven

October 27, 2017

Good morning, early birds. The postal survey, the AWU raid, the dual-citizenship scandal -- it all comes to a head for the Coalition. Plus, the government has knocked back a proposal to establish a permanent Indigenous advisory body to parliament. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Is it a drop or a leak? Why Cash’s staffer was just playing the game

October 26, 2017 9

A political staffer has resigned over doing what political staffers do every day, revealing the grubby way political reporting really works.

Well that didn’t take long: AWU raid turns into all-engulfing firestorm

October 26, 2017 55

Not unexpectedly, the government's attempt to attack Bill Shorten via the Registered Organisations Commission has blown up spectacularly.

Crikey Worm: Cash staffer resigns following union raid blowback

October 26, 2017 2

Good morning, early birds. As expected, Monday's raid on Bill Shorten's old union has blown up in the government's face, with at least one casualty so far. And a damning report on the state of aged care facilities in Australia has led the government to promise tighter checks on nursing homes. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

History shows the AWU raid could backfire for the Coalition

October 25, 2017 62

The AFP raid on the AWU for a GetUp donation in 2005 has plenty of risks for a government that is developing an image of using the police to harass its opponents.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

October 20, 2017 8

Abbott to speak to hate group, again ... Michaelia Cash puts Tasman relations right ... an arvo with Latho ...

Michaelia Cash’s jobs figures don’t add up

October 20, 2017 6

The Employment Minister tends to boast impressive figures in her monthly report on jobs growth, but just a little digging turns up a lot of fool's gold.

Chuckles and Hadgkiss update: did Michaelia Cash break the law?

September 18, 2017 18

Michaelia Cash's defence against charges she appointed a law breaker to head the ABCC is that it was all Eric Abetz's fault, not hers.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

September 15, 2017

Marriage equality = teenage orgies? ... Michaelia Cash, sudden feminist ... kicked by the flying kangaroo ...

Not so funny anymore: Cash appointed Hadgkiss knowing of his behaviour

September 14, 2017 20

We now know that Michaelia Cash appointed Nigel Hadgkiss to head the ABCC even though she knew he had broken the law.

Tips and rumours

September 13, 2017 5

Cory Bernardi photobombs a pro-marriage equality photo opp ... too much satire ... paying for war ...

CFMEU busted for … doing its job

August 25, 2017 3

It's building industry thugs running wild and taxpayers being ripped off as the CFMEU negotiates a pay rise for its members ... or a union doing the job its members pay it to do. You be the judge.