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What is a ‘gun amnesty’ anyway? And how is it meant to stop crime?

Crikey Intern June 19, 2017 5 Comments

Crikey intern Will Ziebell.

Poll Bludger: WA Libs’ downfall could eventually topple federal MPs

William Bowe April 13, 2017 4 Comments

Politics is a game of dominoes.

Keenan pays up after Labor shenanigans

Crikey December 8, 2016

Salt in the wound.

Tips and rumours

Crikey December 8, 2016 2 Comments

Keenan pays up ... love is a battlefield ... 18C watch ...

Abbott and Turnbull take turns throwing the other under the bus

Bernard Keane October 20, 2016 17 Comments

The stoush between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott is now out in the open after Turnbull rejected Abbott's version of events on the guns deal.

When in doubt, dog whistle

Crikey June 24, 2016 9 Comments

Anne Aly was doing her government-funded job in trying to stop terror. And Julie Bishop damn well knows it.

Govt wants to give corporate criminals a get-out-of-jail-free card

Bernard Keane April 7, 2016 15 Comments

The government has proposed that large corporations be allowed to buy their way out of prosecutions for major corporate crimes -- another win for the scandal-plagued banking industry.

Encryption opponents rush to exploit the victims of Paris

Bernard Keane November 23, 2015 6 Comments

Security agencies have a strategy to exploit terrorist attacks in order to attack encryption, and rapidly deployed it after the Paris attacks.

Meet Karen, your friendly neighbourhood radical

Meet Karen, your friendly neighbourhood radical

Sally Whyte September 25, 2015 10 Comments

The government has but together a booklet for teachers to identify potential radical extremists, but the case studies seem a bit off ...

Government expands access to facial recognition system

Government expands access to facial recognition system

Josh Taylor September 10, 2015 6 Comments

Just who will be able to access the government's new facial recognition "hub"?