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‘African gang’ rhetoric goes beyond dog-whistling

January 8, 2018 30

Politicians are employing Trumpish methods to decry the spectre of "African gangs", and the media is all too eager to help out.

Rundle: at the Milo extravaganza it was hard to tell who was confused and who was just stupid

December 5, 2017 21

For the most part though, it was Stupidolooza.

oBikes, ferries and birds of the year: why Australia can’t have nice things

December 4, 2017 17

Australians seem to have knack for importing perfectly good concepts ... and then throwing them into the river, writes Lisa Divissi. Are we a product of our environment, or should we just be banned from owning nice things?

Will Australians be living in ’20-minute cities’ by the middle of this century?

Will Australians be living in ’20-minute cities’ by the middle of this century?

August 10, 2017 2

Living within a 20-minute walk of your work, your supermarket, your gym, your doctor, your friends and family, etc, sounds like a very nice idea, but is it feasible?

Do we need to stop immigration to our major cities before it’s too late?

July 4, 2017 10

Determining the appropriate level of immigration for our cities is obviously an important public policy issue but too often sensible discussion is derailed by knee-jerk accusations of xenophobia or racism.

Is 24-hour public transport really such a good idea?

Is 24-hour public transport really such a good idea?

May 1, 2017 7

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews' "Night Network" is the worst kind of initiative because it was an election promise made from opposition with scant analysis or regard for what’s good policy.

The truth about the Sunday Age’s report on ‘secret’ airport rail meeting

October 4, 2016

Unfortunately, what we have here is a case of manufacturing controversy from nothing.

Maybe the NIMBYs have a point

August 10, 2016 1

A Crikey reader refutes claims of "NIMBY-ism" regarding Skyrail in Melbourne.

Imagine all the (bearded) people

May 25, 2016 1

When you have a stereotype, just embrace it.

Tips and rumours: Turnbull catches the same pleb trams as the rest of us

February 3, 2016

Turnbull on the tram. Once again Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took to public transport to prove just how normal he is, hopping on a tram while visiting Melbourne last week. Some expected that once Turnbull made himself at home in the Lodge, he wouldn’t be so free to mix with the general public on trams, trains and […]