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Defamation payout might sideline The Spectator for good

and November 23, 2017 10

Media analyst Steve Allen said the payout could be the end of the magazine in Australia.

ABC staff respond to restructure with questions and confusion

November 15, 2017 5

The ABC's major internal restructure announcement yesterday has been met with confusion by staff, who are yet to be told how it will be implemented.

Media hounds bay for blood over section 44, to their (and our) detriment

November 6, 2017 33

The hysteria over section 44 among journalists and politicians is the farce of the revival of nativism that has shaped so much of media and political discourse.

One Nation deal the greatest attack on ABC independence in decades

August 16, 2017 28

The Coalition-One Nation proposals to overhaul the ABC Act represent the greatest assault on the broadcaster's independence in a generation.

Media heavies get Fifield’s ear, consumer groups left out

August 3, 2017 6

Media groups featured heavily in the list of people first getting to meet with Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, but tech companies were not.

Corbyn-bashing ‘centrist’ media like the Guardian can jog right on

June 13, 2017 39

What we need right now is not more centrist op-eds from out-of-touch "liberal" media outlets. What we need is a shift in press so enamoured of its own interests.

Media execs gather in Canberra for a government love-in

Media execs gather in Canberra for a government love-in

June 1, 2017 4

CEOs from 25 Australian radio, TV, and newspaper companies have lobbied the Parliament to pass media reforms they say will ensure their survival.

Cap in hand in Canberra: how Australian media execs do business

May 31, 2017 3

The first instinct of Australia's biggest businesses isn't to innovate but to go to Canberra to demand help, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer write.

Smarter than your average Colbert: liberal media’s stupid obsession with Trump’s intelligence

May 18, 2017 20

Certain media outlets have developed an unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump's sanity and intelligence, as well as becoming fixated on technocratic qualifications.

The dos and don’ts for media working in Parliament

March 30, 2017 3

What can and can't you get away with doing if you're a journalist or photographer working in Parliament?