June, 2018

What would it take to fix Australia’s restrictive defamation laws?

, Jun 18, 2018

Australia is now regarded as the libel capital of the world. But just how big is this threat to press freedom, and what exactly is in need of change?

How journalist shield laws vary across Australia

, Apr 13, 2018

When does a journalist actually have to reveal their sources? Here's a guide to the current laws around Australia.

Ten Network takeover looking about as successful as its ratings

, Aug 25, 2017

The ACCC green-lit a joint bid for the Ten Network which could significantly reduce media diversity, writes Glenn Dyer. But is the whole ordeal much ado about nothing?

Media law changes pass the first hurdle

, Dec 01, 2016

The changes are the last thing the analogue media wants to see.

Do we have to destroy media diversity to save it?

, Sep 26, 2016

Media ownership law reform can't only be about how to protect diversity -- it must focus on the long-term viability of public interest journalism.
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Are you Serial, Daily Tele?

, Jul 20, 2015

The Daily Tele gets its Serial on by using an investigative journalism podcast to get to the bottom of two unsolved murder cases.
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Abbott’s policy paralysis leaves an economy increasingly at risk

, Jul 08, 2015

Across a number of key economic areas, the government appears unable or unwilling to undertake reform, even when there is strong agreement it is needed.
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Did the media break the law in reporting on Phil Walsh’s death?

, Jul 03, 2015

The media -- and police -- were quick to say that the Adelaide Crows coach had been "murdered", and that his son was a suspect. Was that legal?
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What’s in a name? Brandis tries to define ‘journalist’ in data retention debate

, Mar 18, 2015

Brandis appears to be leaning towards the New South Wales and Victorian understanding of who is and isn't a journalist with respect to metadata provisions. Not that it matters much anyway.
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News faces uphill battle to stop Mail pinching its work

, Jun 13, 2014

Who owns the copyright on a quote? Probably not the newspaper publishing it, according to media law experts.