October, 2017

Does media coverage of mass shootings lead to yet more mass shootings?

, Oct 06, 2017

By raking over every detail of a mass shooter's life, are we telling any loner with a grudge and a yearning for recognition that this is an option?

Flip the script: why we need to change how we report on mass shootings

, Aug 01, 2016

If you’re a loner with a gun fetish, the media offers you a compelling way to make sure everyone knows your name, your face, your grievances, writes journalism lecturer Glynn Greensmith.

Let’s be clear: Orlando was an attack on gay people at a gay club because they were gay

, Jun 14, 2016

This was an act of extreme and violent homophobia. Claiming otherwise is an insult to LGBTI people.

Even arsonists deserve the full weight of the law

, Feb 10, 2009

Mr Rudd’s comments about mass murder are very unhelpful in terms of creating an atmosphere of calm and fairness so that due process can take place, writes Greg Barns.

Blogwatch: the Suharto edition

, Jan 29, 2008

Indonesia prospers, despite Suharto ... Media Buries US Complicity in Suharto's Murderous Rule ... Suharto, you filthy bloodstained monster.