November, 2017

Rogue, out-of-control union mysteriously fails to get wage rises

, Nov 17, 2017

The mining industry says industrial relations reform is urgently needed to rein in mining unions. Wages growth data begs to differ.

That was then, this is now: Martin Ferguson’s head-spinning 180 on union power

, Aug 09, 2017

Martin Ferguson used to be a unionist and a Labor stalwart. So what's he doing shilling for the mining industry and saying unions have too much power?

Parasitic mining industry won’t stop bleeding Australia dry

, Aug 08, 2017

The mining lobby wants a new round of punitive industrial relations reforms, at a time when real wages are falling in the sector and productivity booming. But that's the way neoliberalism operates.

Life after Parliament: the many curious jobs former pollies take up

, Jun 21, 2017

And, in Kevin Rudd's case, the job he'd like to take up.
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Tips and rumours

, Mar 31, 2015

It's Ferguson v Ferguson in politics, plus the Spud Stasi are on the case.
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How the oil and gas lobby throws mud on peer-reviewed research

, Nov 21, 2014

Crikey's business editor pulls apart a pro-CSG press release that is, to put it politely, a little bit bullshit.
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It’s the sun, Joe …

, Jun 18, 2014

Crikey readers have their say on the conflict in Iraq, Martin Ferguson and what's really being said in the parliamentary chambers.
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Martin Ferguson’s revolving door puts energy industry in a spin

, Jun 17, 2014

Martin Ferguson took up a position as head of natural resources for Seven Group Holdings just six months after retiring as energy and resources minister. Now he's involved in Seven Group's attempt to buy minnow Nexus -- which got a lucrative lease while Ferguson was in government.
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The Dirty Dozen: Australia’s biggest climate foes, part 2

, Apr 16, 2014

Who are the 12 people doing the most to block action on climate change in Australia? With a new government, and Australia’s emissions stubbornly high, we name and shame the second half of our fresh Dirty Dozen …
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Feeney under assault from all sides in Batman preselection

, Jun 03, 2013

A high-profile mayor has entered Labor's race for the safe seat of Batman. Senator David Feeney's prospects of moving to the lower house are now taking blows from both sides.