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Tag archives: marriage equality

Hinch’s Senate Diary: Sophie York, please stop emailing me. I already voted yes.

Derryn Hinch October 5, 2017 7 Comments

Senator Derryn Hinch has some questions -- and a few requests -- regarding the marriage equality postal vote.

Almost all major Australian newspapers say Yes to marriage equality

Emily Watkins October 5, 2017 5 Comments

Only a handful of papers are still fence-sitting on the postal plebiscite on marriage equality (guess which ones ...).

Marriage equality debate somewhere over the rainbow for local council

Charlie Lewis October 3, 2017 4 Comments

Monash City Council has (sort of ) declared support for marriage equality -- so why won't councillors even discuss putting up some rainbow lights?

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

Crikey October 2, 2017 2 Comments

Flag problems ... who's the captain again? ... dance like no one's watching (even though they are) ...

Advocates in the No camp are chattering class elitists

Bernard Keane October 2, 2017 28 Comments

The No campaign likes to portray itself as the enemy of the elites. Have a look at their backgrounds: they're all elites themselves.

EXCLUSIVE: Peter Dutton rewrites lyrics to Same Love, asks NRL if he can perform it at grand final

Crikey September 29, 2017 3 Comments

Dutton's version includes the lyric "I’d rather die than live in a gender-fluid world".

Why Tim Wilson deleted a tweet slamming Cory Bernardi

Charlie Lewis September 29, 2017 10 Comments

Tim "Freedom Boy Wilson swiftly deleted a tweet accusing Cory Bernardi of having a nefarious ulterior motive for robocalling a million people to prosecute the No case. But he is not at all sorry he tweeted it in the first place.

Abbott reckons Yes voters are the real bigots and thugs. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Charlie Lewis September 28, 2017 22 Comments

Is it really violence committed by, and behalf of, LGBTI Australians that has stained life in Australia in the weeks since the postal vote took centre stage?

Rundle: shameful showbags for the worst plebiscite opinion tripe (this week)

Guy Rundle September 28, 2017 27 Comments

The media hall of shame is now giving out same-sex marriage plebiscite showbags: On the Monthly blog, Sean Kelly says that non LGBT people should stop making comments on the Yes case’s piss-poor strateg-, sorry, on the Yes case’s strategy. If the Yes vote loses, it won’t be anything to do with strategy, it will […]

Hinch’s Senate Diary: I’m not taking the bait on marriage equality anymore

Derryn Hinch September 28, 2017 9 Comments

I foolishly engaged Vote No campaigner Senator Cory Bernardi on Twitter after he accused me of headline-hunting, explains Senator Derryn Hinch.