September, 2017

Stop worrying about automation: the real problem might be too few workers

, Sep 20, 2017

Ignore the employment doomsayers -- chances are we're going to run out of workers before automation causes mass unemployment.
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Women in tech hits new low, jobs data shows

, May 24, 2017

The fall in the level of women in Australia's tech sector continues, while manufacturing had one of its best years of recent times, employment data shows.

Blaming only globalisation for inequality is misguided

, Jan 16, 2017

Globalisation has been only one of the developments that has led to widening inequality and social exclusion, writes adjunct lecturer in public finance at the University of Canberra Ian McAuley.

Protectionism provided few jobs and made life tougher for working families

, Dec 19, 2016

Despite the nostalgic longings of protectionists, closing off the Australian economy just meant everything was more expensive without any benefit for employment.

Trump-ish protectionism the lazy option for Turnbull, Shorten

, Nov 14, 2016

Australia -- and the world -- is sliding back into protectionism, and it will impoverish us all.

Why voting for Trump and Hanson is good for democracy

, Oct 24, 2016

There's a difference between voting for Trump's mad policies and voting for transformation, writes election strategist Toby Ralph.

Thanks to the unions, old-timey protectionism is back in fashion

, Oct 10, 2016

The kind of protectionism that Australia left behind in the 1990s is becoming acceptable again under new guises.

Productivity Commission warns we’re spiralling into protectionism

, Jul 26, 2016

The Productivity Commission has again attacked creeping protectionism within government, this time focusing on the decision to locally build the next generation of naval submarines.

Keane: Turnbull’s reshuffle signals the triumph of protectionism

, Jul 19, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull's reshuffle illustrates that the only economic agenda this government has is propping up local manufacturing.

Xenophon backs down on penalty rates

, May 18, 2016

Nick Xenophon describes himself as an "under-chihuahua" and says “a chihuahua’s better than a poodle” .