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Tag archives: Malcolm Turnbull

Unkillable corporate rights trade clause needs a bullet in the head

Bernard Keane November 6, 2017 17 Comments

Malcolm Turnbull is almost alone among Trans-Pacific Partnership leaders eager to allow multinationals to sue governments.

Turnbull’s worrying language of rejection on Indigenous recognition

Bernard Keane November 6, 2017 18 Comments

Malcolm Turnbull has doubled down on his rejection of a constitutionally guaranteed indigenous voice, using exactly the logic of those opposed to any indigenous recognition at all.

We are now numb to a government that has normalised chaos

Bernard Keane November 3, 2017 64 Comments

The actions of Stephen Parry betray something deeply wrong within the Turnbull government -- but the PM is too weak to take action.

Rundle: old lies given new meaning in fraudulent Beersheba commemoration

Guy Rundle November 1, 2017 21 Comments

The best thing you can say about Beersheba, a cavalry charge on a Turkish-held Arab town in Palestine, whose inhabitants had love for neither side in the conflict, is that at least it wasn’t, like Gallipoli, an invasion of a sovereign people in their homeland.

Rundle: how the sop of ‘recognition’ forces Indigenous people to beg

Guy Rundle October 31, 2017 3 Comments

There appears to be an imbalance built into this whole recognition process. It looks like a process that confers power on Indigenous people, but, in a curious way, it does the opposite.

For a document with no substance, the NEG has earned a lot of fans October 30, 2017 9 Comments

NEG is so miraculous that it's garnering positive reaction from both sides of the field; quite a feat for an eight page document with zero figures, writes economist John Quiggin.

Constitutional games showed this government is breathtakingly incompetent

Bernard Keane October 30, 2017 32 Comments

The government's killing-off of Indigenous recognition may yet prove an even worse problem than the citizenship decision last week.

End of Indigenous recognition process a huge win for the racist right

Bernard Keane October 27, 2017 19 Comments

The government's refusal to consider a voice for Indigenous Australians in the constitution may well damn the recognition referendum to defeat.

Saville: Kevin Rudd launches an invigorating, Clinton-esque book tour

Margot Saville October 24, 2017 24 Comments

We know what you're thinking, but don't worry: this 600 page odyssey of the Milky Bar Kid is only the first of two volumes.

NBN farce the result of a neoliberal absurdity

Bernard Keane October 24, 2017 25 Comments

Malcolm Turnbull says we shouldn't have started from where we did on the NBN -- problem is, we didn't have much choice, thanks to market economics.