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Tag archives: Malcolm Turnbull

Peter Garrett? Who’s Peter Garrett?

Crikey August 28, 2007

Where has Shadow Environment Minister Peter Garrett been hiding? How is it that a close friend of Prime Minister John Howard is now more vocal on a major environmental issue than the man who once penned the lyrics to Blue Sky Mine?

Never fear — the celebrities will save us!

Crikey August 28, 2007

Is the latest Tamar Valley pulp mill protest campaign part of a wider soft-left celebrity offensive? Are we beginning to allow largely unrelated and unqualified public figures to steer social debate? writes Luke McKenna.

The Tuesday Top 20

Crikey August 28, 2007

The brouhaha over Kevin Rudd’s visit to Scores hasn’t been able to topple Prime Minister John Howard from his perennial Number 1 spot in Crikey/Media Monitors Top 20.

Gunns may get the vote, but see you in court

Crikey August 28, 2007

Tasmanian parliamentarians took to the chamber this morning to begin three days of deliberations on the Tamar Valley pulp mill, with votes expected in both houses on Thursday. And there could be another legal challenge in the offing, reports Thomas Hunter.

Malcolm and the midgets

Crikey August 28, 2007

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that Malcolm Turnbull is one of the most qualified people in the parliament – journalist, lawyer, banker, business person... And some of the people lining up to give him stick over the Tasmanian pulp mill? Well, we should all consider ourselves lucky that we don’t live in the US of A, writes Christian Kerr.

Wentworth and the clash of civilisations

Crikey August 24, 2007

What once applied to the Bosporus now applies to Bondi Junction. It is a place where one can see the confluence of civilisations. As he gazes out from his Bronte Road office, Malcolm Turnbull must feel as Alexander the Great did before him, writes Christian Kerr.

Week in words, week in numbers

Crikey August 24, 2007

Instead of crunching 400 pages of ABC News radio transcripts into a tag cloud this week, we bring you the full catalogue of amendments by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to John Howard's Wikipedia entry, squished into a tag cloud.

Turnbull and the curse of Wentworth

Crikey August 23, 2007

Can Malcolm Turnbull defy the Curse of Wentworth? It’s a blue ribbon Liberal seat, but the last member who had anything like a successful career was Bob Ellicott, Malcolm Fraser’s first attorney-general, who retired back in 1981, writes Christian Kerr.

The Feds to Call Gunns’ Bluff?

Crikey August 23, 2007

Gunns, the Tasmanian timber kings, dragooned a State Premier into speeding up an approval process for its planned Tamar Valley pulp mill but may well find a Federal Prime Minister determined to slow it down.

Geoffrey Cousins, all is forgiven

Crikey August 22, 2007

For a supposedly close mate of the Prime Minister, Telstra director Geoffrey Cousins appears to have joined his colleagues in going native although in his case the issue is Malcolm Turnbull’s approval of the Gunns pulp mill, writes Stephen Mayne.