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Brisk trade in Gunns shares raises questions of timing

Crikey October 10, 2007 1 Comment

Gunns shares were traded eagerly in the lead up to Malcolm Turnbull giving the pulp mill project the green light. But did the share traders know something the rest of us didn't? Thomas Hunter reports.

The Tuesday Top 20

Crikey October 9, 2007

No surprises on the Crikey-Media Monitors Top 20 for the week of October 2-8. Malcolm Turnbull, saving the best for last, has his highest ever chart rating, writes Christian Kerr.

Gunns backflip a lesson in managing Malcolm

Crikey October 5, 2007

The federal environment minister's "tough" new conditions haven't scuttled Gunns' pulp mill. Indeed, according to Gunns, they make little difference at all, despite what Gunns' CEO has been saying all year. Thomas Hunter investigates.

A tall tree tumbles in Wentworth

Crikey October 5, 2007 1 Comment

Poor old Malcolm Turnbull. He fought like hell to win a seat in parliament. Now it seems as if he’ll end up a oncer. That’s not much of a return on his investment, writes Christian Kerr.

Crikey’s Spring Carnival form guide: Turnbull Stakes day

Crikey October 5, 2007

After the relative certainty of Geelong’s triumph last weekend, it’s reassuring to know that those of us addicted to the culture of prediction are about to be lurched back into some serious head scratching, thanks to Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival.

Turnbull is trying to have it both ways over pulp mill

Crikey October 5, 2007

In claiming to have ensured that Gunns' pulp mill is world's best practice, Federal Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is trying to have it both ways, writes Tasmanian forestry campaigner Geoff Law.

Did Gunns get what it wanted, or deserved?

Crikey October 4, 2007 2 Comments

Now that the Federal Environment Minister has given the pulp mill conditional approval, Gunns must decide if it is going to proceed with the project knowing it will cost them time and money to comply with another 24 guidelines. Is it a deal-breaker, as Gunns has promised?

Which 16 seats should we be watching?

Crikey October 1, 2007

The ALP is sixteen seats short of a House of Representatives majority, and you can plot those sixteen most marginal government-held seats along the pendulum. Of course, it doesn’t really work that way, writes Peter Brent.

The Wentworth windfall for News Limited

Crikey September 28, 2007

The Wentworth Courier is now no longer just full of ads for obscenely expensive homes. Thanks to the hard work of their local federal MP, Malcolm Turnbull, it’s also filling up with advertisements from obscenely wealthy environmental agitators.

Rubbery figures in Howard ‘clean’ energy targets

Crikey September 24, 2007

John Howard's renewable energy targets are based on errant maths or creative accounting, writes Greens Senator Christine Milne.