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Tag archives: Malcolm Turnbull

Errington: Is Government discipline beginning to fall apart?

Crikey October 29, 2007

The level of discipline shown by the Howard Government has to this point been remarkable. But is there any point in keeping mum in the face of annihilation? asks Wayne Errington.

MacCormack: Turnbull should do whatever it takes

Crikey October 29, 2007

Malcolm Turnbull has been attacked over the Kyoto cabinet leak but every other Government member in danger of defeat is doing all the distancing, airbrushing and revising they can to save themselves. Why shouldn't Turnbull?

Daily campaign top 10

Crikey October 29, 2007

Same old same old over the weekend, with Malcolm’s Turnbull's Kyoto revelation only punching him one spot higher.

Crikey Says

Crikey October 29, 2007

It sounds hopelessly naive, but whatever happened to simple, unadorned honesty? When did that become a political negative?

Rundle: How the Coalition could win… Part 2

Crikey October 25, 2007 4 Comments

John Howard addresses the nation: "Ladies and gentlemen this is to announce that while I am caretaker Prime Minister until November 24 I will no longer be leading the Liberal-National coalition as presumed prime ministerial candidate..."

Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups

Crikey October 24, 2007

Nuclear power ... Howard, Cheney and Hicks ... people are far more interested in Lindsay Lohan than politics ... Kyoto ... energy subsidies ... the child care rebate ...

A Liberal leader from the ashes … Brendan Nelson

Crikey October 24, 2007 2 Comments

There’s counting of votes going on at a very senior level in the Liberal Party but it’s got nothing to do with November 24. It’s for a ballot after then: numbers work for a leadership contest. Crikey understands it’s absolutely serious, writes Christian Kerr.

Comrie-Thomson: Everybody cool on polls and climate change

Crikey October 22, 2007 1 Comment

The commentariat need to cool it. The weekend media ignored Rod Cameron’s cool analysis of opinion polls on Friday night’s Lateline. So what have all these opinion polls been about? Has all the commentary been idle chatter based on false premises? Paul Comrie-Thomson investigates.

Will “that f—king c—t” sign Kyoto?

Crikey October 16, 2007 5 Comments

Crikey understands that John Howard's Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull says signing Kyoto would be “worth three per cent” for the Coalition vote, writes Christian Kerr.

The bureaucracy is gearing up for ratifying Kyoto

Crikey October 11, 2007 1 Comment

In 2001 a senior fossil fuel industry lobbyist explained to me in a taped interview why he and other "greenhouse mafia" (his term) were so determined to maintain their grip on the Howard government, writes the author of High & Dry, Guy Pearse.