July, 2017

Three years on from MH17, the real culprits (not Russia) have never been held responsible

, Jul 14, 2017

Politicians like to huff and puff about Russian involvement in the downing of MH17, but it is Malaysia Airlines that should be held responsible.

Three years on from MH370’s disappearance, is the mystery now unsolvable?

, Mar 07, 2017

The risk that MH370 might not be found until well after all of those alive today are dead, and its mystery thus irrelevant and forgotten, is very real.

US makes moves to prevent flash fires on jets like MH370

, Sep 13, 2016

The news has broken the day after an apparently burned potential piece of wreckage from MH370 was handed to Australia’s air safety investigator.

Tony Abbott ‘yearns for justice’ but ignores airline’s role in MH17

, Jul 18, 2016

Tony Abbott wants justice for victims of MH17. But he should consider the culpability of the airline, not just of Russia.
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Who owned the suitcase found next to MH370 debris?

, Jul 31, 2015

The question of what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 just gets more mysterious.
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MH370, one year on: what is Malaysia hiding?

, Mar 05, 2015

There are many theories about the disappearance of MH370, some plausible, others less so. But one thing that has been firmly established by now is that the Malaysian government has lied about the plane from the first.
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Talk of MH17 oxygen mask nothing but trash disaster porn

, Oct 10, 2014

Media reports are saying one of the passengers of downed flight MH17 was "wearing" an oxygen mask. This isn't true -- and it's nothing but disaster porn to say so.
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New search underway for MH370: what we know so far

, Oct 06, 2014

The search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will resume this week in the high-pressure vast darkness that is the ocean floor.
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Is air travel becoming less safe?

, Jul 29, 2014

We have witnessed three fairly big plane crashes in the last two weeks, and already nervous flyers are even more on edge. But is this an anomaly, or is air travel less safe than we think? Crikey's aviation reporter explains.
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Crikey Clarifier: what happens now with MH17?

, Jul 23, 2014

What is happening with MH17's data flight recorders? What country has jurisdiction over the site? And is there a cover-up going on? Crikey's aviation reporter takes us through the story so far ...