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Tips and rumours

Crikey September 25, 2017 4 Comments

In Malcolm Roberts' defence (or not) ... more ballots dumped ... is Fed Uni in "massive debt"? ...

Shortsighted intelligence review lavished with praise

Bernard Keane July 26, 2017 4 Comments

Australia has a shallow gene pool when it comes to intelligence commentary and the response to the latest intelligence review shows it.

Tips and rumours

Crikey April 22, 2014 2 Comments

No love for Bob Carr from Lowy Institute ... Qantas hosties on the clock ... Frozen pensions fight to ease the budget burden ... PUP man's take on violence ...

Dinner with Rupert and dreams of an egalitarian meritocracy

Dinner with Rupert and dreams of an egalitarian meritocracy

Matthew Knott November 1, 2013 26 Comments

Talk about an all-star dinner. But then, Rupert Murdoch is the most powerful Australian in the world. Crikey rubbed shoulders and wondered just what the media mogul might be on about.

Rudd’s foreign priorities: Syria, naval base and ‘creative middle power’ status

Rudd’s foreign priorities: Syria, naval base and ‘creative middle power’ status

Crikey August 27, 2013 14 Comments

Kevin Rudd has mapped out his foreign policy priorities for the next term, talking Syria while shifting a major naval base and resisting the temptation to boost DFAT. Freelance journalist David Donaldson tuned in.

Why does Australia hate democracy?

Why does Australia hate democracy?

Crikey June 5, 2012 16 Comments

The latest Lowy Institute poll contains an alarming statistic for lovers of democracy. Rob Burgess of Business Spectator wonders why we hate our system of government.

Afghanistan: OK to be partisan

Crikey October 18, 2010 28 Comments

Watch closely in the parliamentary debate on Afghanistan this week for how often the speaking MPs remind you of their support for the troops. But there's nothing wrong with being partisan on military policy, writes Special Forces Afghanistan veteran and Lowy Institute associate James Brown.

Climate change: voters changing beliefs

Possum Comitatus May 31, 2010

The Lowy Institute has released its annual Lowy Poll, with fascinating data showing waning concern over climate change in the last three years. Possum Comitatus has the figures.

Cage match: Rudd on climate sceptics — a step forward or pure politics?

Crikey November 9, 2009 2 Comments

Rudd's a speech about climate change sceptics was clever politics, and statesmanlike to boot, writes Tony Kevin. But Tim Hollo doesn't agree -- in fact, he says Rudd might be the worst kind of climate sceptic.

Security begins at home

Crikey July 5, 2007

Few prime ministerial policy statements are so comprehensively previewed in the press as the defence directions John Howard is outlining today. Perhaps this is all to do with homeland defence – or home turf defence.