July, 2011

The Breivik manifesto and the Monckton connection

, Jul 26, 2011

In the chilling manifesto by Norway gunman Anders Behring Breivik, it points readers to a video clip of climate sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton, writes Graham Readfearn.

Monckton threatens to sue ABC, calls chairman a ‘shrimp’

, Jul 22, 2011

Climate change denier Lord Christopher Monckton has threatened to sue the ABC and described its chairman Maurice Newman as a "shrimp-like wet little individual", writes journalist Graham Readfearn.

Denniss: my tactics for debating Monckton

, Jul 20, 2011

Only the media can explain why they have given so much attention to extreme and ill-informed views about climate change and choose not to give a similar platform to a range of other conspiracy theorists, writes Dr Richard Denniss.

ABC cuts Monckton … Murdoch backs Brooks …

, Jul 07, 2011

ABC Local Radio presenter Adam Spencer hung up on Christopher Monckton on air this morning. Plus the Walkleys move north, without Crikey, and other media news of the day.

Power out for Monckton at Port Adelaide as Lord lashes out

, Jul 05, 2011

Lord Christopher Monckton slams Port Adelaide Football Club for its decision to withdraw its venue for his speaking tour.
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German clubs ditch Monckton tour…someone tell Ticketek

, Jul 04, 2011

Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Lord Christopher Monckton's second tour of Australia is in tatters after another venue withdrew its offer to host the climate sceptic, despite tickets for the dates still being spruiked online and sold through Ticketek.

Latham’s Henderson Watch: … taking on the sensitive petal

, Jul 04, 2011

One needs to read Gerard Henderson’s words carefully, to understand the circular nature of his arguments, writes former Labor leader Mark Latham.

Poles apart polls have too much pull

, Jun 27, 2011

Crikey readers have their say.
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‘A breath of fresh air’: pollster Gary Morgan to host Monckton shindig

, Jun 24, 2011

Gary Morgan has defended his firm over a decision to host a speech by fervent climate change skeptic Christopher Monckton next month, as controversy continues to swirl ahead over the ex-Margaret Thatcher adviser's use of the Nazi swastika.

Rundle: will Mad Monk be brought low by madder Monckton?

, Jun 24, 2011

Moncktongate has now become a political and moral test for Tony Abbott, whose principal political action to date has been to exile climate-change denialism from the political mainstream.