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Lobbying: bin the code of conduct, time to learn from the Canadians

Bernard Keane October 31, 2016 5 Comments

The ministerial code of conduct on lobbying is a dead letter -- it's time to legislate what lobbyists can and can't do.

Keane: major parties squib lobbying reforms

Bernard Keane March 2, 2012 4 Comments

A Senate committee has quietly omitted the public interest from its consideration of how lobbying is currently regulated.

Ad campaigns are the last resort of failed lobbyists

Crikey April 27, 2011 15 Comments

It’s quite astounding that in the 21st century political lobbying is still considered an arcane practice, writes blogger Drag0nista.

Who’s lobbying whom in the new paradigm?

Bernard Keane September 16, 2010

The current Lobbyist Register is no longer good enough in a Parliament where anyone can pass or defeat a Bill. Time for it to be extended to every MP.

Four to one: our lobbyist to MP ratio

Bernard Keane September 8, 2009 10 Comments

Federal Parliament now has at least four lobbyists for every MP and Senator, according to the Government’s Register of Lobbyists. And that's only counting third-party lobbyists.

New lobbyists land in Canberra every week

New lobbyists land in Canberra every week

Bernard Keane July 1, 2009

The Rudd Government's Lobbyist Register celebrates its first birthday today and is in rude health.

David Jones unhappy with ad agency?

Crikey June 23, 2009 2 Comments

From a Crikey tipster today: Well-sourced rumour is that David Jones are mightily displeased that their advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi dumped them in it by making pre-teen girls in its ads look sexy.

Lobbyists, planes and code breaches

Bernard Keane November 13, 2008

If Qantas sells 40% of its Frequent Flyer unit, it will make David Epstein’s life a little more complicated in his new role at our major airline, writes Bernard Keane.

Liberals play spot the hypocrite on political accountability

Bernard Keane November 11, 2008 9 Comments

The opposition bags the government over fundraising, but stays conspicuously silent on other accoutability issues, writes Bernard Keane.

Lobbyist Register throws more light on ALP in-breeding

Bernard Keane July 21, 2008 2 Comments

The Lobbyist Register is a gift that keeps on giving for shedding light on the extensive links between third-party lobbyists and Labor politicians, writes Bernard Keane.