August, 2009

Fashion in fiction: jacket-less books

, Aug 26, 2009

This season, the trendiest books will be baring it all with new "in" thing in book design: forgoing the jacket and printing the art straight on to a hard-back cover. Less is more.

Heathrow Airport’s writer in residence

, Aug 20, 2009

Author Alain de Botton is writing a new book -- from the middle of London's Heathrow Airport. His book, masterminded by the airport's PR department, will document his experiences living in the airport for a week, chatting to travellers, baggage handlers, airline executives and others.

Are all sci-fi writers insane?

, Aug 11, 2009

The idea that sci-fi and fantasy writers are a few bottles short of a six pack is one that has probably around for as long as the genres have existed, says Renai LeMay. But the grown adults who dream about dragons and space ships all day may just be some of the sanest people around.

Behind Brideshead: the scandalous story that’s no fiction

, Aug 10, 2009

Fast cars, faster women and sexual experimentation: the real world inhabited by Brideshead Revisited author Evelyn Waugh was stranger and more scandalous than any fiction.

Booker Prize finalists revealed

, Jul 29, 2009

The longlist for the prestigious Man Booker Prize has been announced, with old hands like JM Coetzee and William Trevor sitting alongside newcomers like James Lever, the much-hyped first-time author of Me Cheeta.
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Doubleplusgood: Nineteen Eighty-Four turns 60

, Jul 09, 2009

It's been 60 years since George Orwell penned his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four and while it hasn't quite come true (yet), much reads a little too lose for comfort.
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Oprah lets indie books into her club

, Jul 02, 2009

Books from independent publishers are rarely anointed by the big O's seal of approval, but in a recent list of recommended reading, Oprah gave the thumbs-up to titles like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and The Peep Diaries: How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors.

Judge bans Catcher in the Rye sequel

, Jul 02, 2009

Author J. D. Salinger has won his court case to ban the US publication of a book by a Swedish author that is being touted as an "unauthorised sequel" to The Catcher in the Rye.
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Newsweek‘s top 100 books: the meta-list

, Jul 01, 2009

Newsweek makes a top 10 list of 'top 10 book' lists, to come up with the top 100 books of all time.

15 things you didn’t know about bestselling authors

, Jun 25, 2009

Mental Floss dishes the dirt on some of the literary world’s biggest names.