March, 2011

An intriguing read that paints a vivid portrait of the publishing industry

, Mar 01, 2011

Does a plug by another author on a book cover ever convince you to buy it? Author Bill Morris explains the delicate business of 'blurbing', where writers indulge in mutual pats-on-the-back and help aspiring writers get their books onto shelves.

Make some time for the classics

, Jan 18, 2011

Angela Meyer, of Crikey's books blog Literary Minded, is going to read 20 classic, modern-classic or cult books in 2011. All book-lovers have gaps in their reading -- will you join her in catching up?

Sophie Cunningham: is writing evolving?

, Nov 25, 2010

Is form following function? Are we evolving? Or, to the question I want to consider here: is writing evolving? And is there a danger of Australian writers losing their distinctive voice, asks writer and editor Sophie Cunningham?
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Totally hip book reviews with Ron Charles

, Nov 16, 2010

He may not be as hot as the inflammatory James Wood, or as icily cool as J M Coetzee, the only critic to have won the Nobel and two Bookers, but Ron Charles has many virtues as a book reviewer that draw him close: he is judicious but merciful; rigorous but generous, says W H Chong.

Do you write for yourself or an audience?

, Sep 16, 2010

It's a common issue with authors: who is the target audience? For an intensely private activity, writing can have very public repercussions. And the sweet innocence of a first novel can never be replicated, notes Jessica Au.

Book people face audience verdict: “Boring”

, Sep 08, 2010

While Rome fiddles, book people burn. A brief illustrated report on a small but critical event beyond Canberra, by W H Chong.

Tony Martin: Byron, books and bombing out in public

, Aug 18, 2010

If you thought being an author on the panel of the Byron Bay Writers Festival was a glam affair, Tony Martin will prove you wrong. There's little signing of autographs or selling books, but lots of jealously for Bret Easton Ellis' popularity.

The famous last words of famous authors

, Aug 10, 2010

A collection of literature's famous last words, from Anton Chekov's "It's a long time since I drank champagne" to Virginia Woolf's "I feel certain that I'm going mad again …"

Writers can’t write for free forever

, Jul 02, 2010

The rise of Australia's literary journal blogs as intellectual spaces is a great thing. But with no money in blogging, can an effective long term model be found to sustain them? asks Jessica Au.

The crime of Truth’s triumph

, Jun 23, 2010

Truth by Peter Temple, won the Miles Franklin Literary Award last night, the first time a crime novel has won the big prize. Are genre-busting thrillers the way of the future? asks W H Chong.