May, 2017

How an academic once paid by the ACL got a $12.7m parental dispute policy in the budget

, May 12, 2017

The opposition and legal experts are confused by a $12.7 million policy for parental management hearings out of the blue in Tuesday's budget.

On ‘safe zones’ and the ACL

, Oct 06, 2016

Crikey readers respond to yesterday's edition.
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Can the law prevent your neighbours from being jerks?

, Jan 20, 2015

More Australians than ever are living in apartments and townhouses. But is regulation enough to keep all of these people, living cheek-by-jowl, in line?
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The Power Index: carbon cutters, Martijn Wilder at #5

, Mar 14, 2013

Martijn Wilder is the world's top climate lawyer by some accounts. So does he think the law is letting down the environment when it comes to global warming? And if it is, who's to blame? Read about the lawyer whose management skills and networking have taken him to the top of Australia's low-carbon economy.

Lawyers with stars in their eyes are blurring the lines

, Feb 21, 2013

The shadowy figure that used to stand behind a client in court is slowly coming forward, garnering media attention and blurring the line between legal advocate and spin doctor.
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The intellectual leader of the nation’s most powerful court

, Oct 06, 2011

The longest-serving member of the High Court of Australia is no judicial rock star. Matthew Knott profiles William Gummow, Justice of the High Court of Australia.

‘Gossip as usual next week’: Firm Spy back but dodging questions

, Jun 03, 2011

Law firm gossip clearing house Firm Spy is back online today, one day after its account was shut down for unknown reasons.

Was it legal to kill Osama?

, May 03, 2011

It's much easier for US authorities that Osama resisted arrest and was shot dead. But the laws around assassination are confusing and the public needs to be aware how easy it is for the government to abuse them.

PHOTO GALLERY: 200 mugshots of Chicago crims

, Jun 18, 2010

The mug shot is a particularly American phenomenon and here's 200 mugshots of local Chicago citizens, arrested for crimes from murder to animal cruelty. But innocent until proven guilty and all that.

I reported on the Iran elections and all I got was a lousy 13 years in prison

, May 12, 2010

Newsweek journalist Maziar Bahari was thrown into an Iranian prison for 118 days and then sentenced in absentia to 13 years imprisonment and 74 lashes. What did he do to receive such a punishment?