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Razer: Wayne Swan is the closest thing Labor has to a Bernie Sanders (and that’s why they hate him)

January 18, 2018 18

Are Labor insiders leaking against Wayne Swan because he is the Labor politician who most resembles a Sanders or Corbyn-type, and, therefore, must be stopped before Millennials notice?

Beijing bashing needs reining in if Turnbull is to seize the moment

December 11, 2017 42

The relationship with Beijing is not at "tipping point" but requires careful maneuvering, which Turnbull seems incapable of doing.

Poll Bludger: Qld election results are disappointing for basically everyone

November 27, 2017 10

Yes, even Pauline Hanson.

Mayne: how an Indigenous woman helped the Victorian Greens make history in Northcote

November 20, 2017 9

A historic win for the Greens in the Northcote byelection came off the back of a volunteer campaign that outperformed Labor's all out blitz on the electorate. What does it mean for the Andrews government fortunes?

It’s the battle of the progressives in Northcote as Labor pulls out all stops

November 10, 2017 3

Will the Greens nab another inner-city Melbourne seat from the Labor party?

Rundle: Labor readies, aims, shoots itself in the face in Northcote byelection

October 27, 2017 12

Are Labor Right unwittingly writing the script for Fiona Richardson's successor to be a Green?

Addicted to cash: why Labor won’t dump the SDA

August 28, 2017 8

Labor is campaigning hard against organisations that want to undermine penalty rates -- but will quietly look the other way if you give it enough money.

All quiet on Quintis: why is the NT govt backing a dud?

August 18, 2017

When TFS, now Quintis, received major project status from the Country Liberal Party many were sceptical. But now the new Gunner government has decided to continue backing the company, we have to ask whether any of this stands up to scrutiny.

Sorry is the hardest word … Hack’s Nazi interview … Journos upset by swearwords …

Sorry is the hardest word … Hack’s Nazi interview … Journos upset by swearwords …

August 15, 2017 3

News Corp tabloids fail to apologise for incorrectly attributing modelling of a Labor budget blow-out to the Parliamentary Budget Office, Triple J's Hack interview a Nazi, and some people who swear all the time get upset about some choice language.

Labor gears up for internal fight over abortion

July 28, 2017 5

State and territory Labor branches are pushing for elected members of the party to no longer have a conscience vote when it comes to abortion.