September, 2016

‘Malignant grief’: doctor speaks about his battle against indigenous suicide

, Sep 13, 2016

Murray Chapman works at the centre of a community whose heart and soul is being torn apart by suicide, writes deputy editor of Australian Doctor magazine Paul Smith.
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Aboriginal fire scheme a carbon tax repeal victim

, Oct 28, 2014

An indigenous controlled burn land management program is one of the latest casualties of the repeal of the carbon tax, writes freelance journalist Karen Coombs.
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Woodside’s Kimberley: red dirt, pristine coastline … and heavy security

, Nov 29, 2011

When West Australian Premier Colin Barnett said last week that he welcomed the announcement of a permanent US military presence in northern Australia), his words are worth considering in a wider context.

Kimberley: jurassic-type thinking on heritage listing that isn’t

, Sep 01, 2011

The supposed heritage listing for the West Kimberley has some rather large holes in it, writes Crikey naturalist Lionel Elmore.

The WA ‘precedent’ that opens old native title wounds

, Oct 12, 2010

A Federal Court decision that a traditional landowner did not have the legal authority to challenge the Kimberley Land Council is "questionable", according to former Federal Court judge Murray Wilcox QC. It puts the native title issue back on the agenda, writes student journalist Tom McPherson.

Hope and concern jostle as times change for CDEPs

, Jul 01, 2009

The East Kimberley CDEP is bracing for the awkward fallout of change, writes Kayt Davies.

Kimberley Diamond looks a gem in the rough

, Jul 20, 2007

What's been happening at the Kimberley Diamond Company, owners of the Ellendale diamond mine in Western Australia and now the recipient of an opportunistic bid from the London-based Gem Diamond?