July, 2013

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Tips and rumours

, Jul 08, 2013

Concerns about bank oursourcing ... a Liberal prayer, but to which God? ... Rudd hits up social media ...
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Throw ’em a bone: why pollies must love dogs

, Jan 11, 2010

Forget a wife and 2.5 smiling children, the best political weapon is a dog. Just ask Nixon, Churchill, Clinton or Rudd, says Paul Daley. Plus, an exclusive preview of Abigail and Jasper's children's book. They are as troublesome as expected.

More secretive than the Budget: the mischievous tales of Abby and Jasper

, Jan 04, 2010

PM Kevin Rudd has penned a children's book about his pets, titled Jasper and Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle. Surely First Dog on the Moon is the true owner of Kevin Rudd's pets?!
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The Mary McKillop Story

, Dec 14, 2009

The World Around Us with your host Kevin Rudd's Dog.
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Golden Retriever Digest proudly presents…

, Nov 05, 2009

... an open letter to Kevin Rudd