Topic archives: Bernard Keane on the Federal Election 2010

New Paradigm Politics may not change a thing

September 10, 2010 65

The mainstream media clearly dislike the new political paradigm. This is what you get when you mess with them.

Julie’s safe: the pro-competition party rejects a leadership contest

September 9, 2010 13

Andrew Robb probably wouldn't have toppled Julie Bishop - but it's funny how parties change their tune on such matters for political convenience.

The class of ’10: the outsourcing of politics continues

September 9, 2010 23

The professionalisation of federal politics continues apace with more than half of the new MPs and senators elected on August 21 being former staffers, party operators or former or serving politicians.

Julia’s chance to fix Labor and pursue New Politics

September 8, 2010 9

Julia Gillard has been handed an opportunity to fix Labor's problems while pursuing a new agenda forced on her by the hung Parliament.

If the Liberals want to blame anyone, look at the Nationals

September 8, 2010 16

If there's anyone to blame for Tony Abbott failing to get over the line, it's the Nationals. Abbott himself performed far better than expected and deserves credit, but he has let down by the long-term failings of the Nats.

And now, let the wild rumpus start

September 8, 2010 97

Canberra has never seen anything like it. Three men sent everyone in Parliament House into a spin as they determined the next government.

The future of the House of Reps

September 7, 2010 32

If you want a glimpse of what the new, improved House of Representatives will be like, check out Senate Question Time, if you can stay awake.

Lessons from the last days of the Labor government

September 7, 2010 30

Before we focus on the new government, we should recall some of the lessons of recent months which may have been forgotten in the obsession with a hung parliament and a new government.

The Oz has trouble keeping its story straight

September 7, 2010 7

According to The Australian, the mining tax will either have too much effect on the mining industry, or not enough. Either way, of course, a partisan Treasury is to blame.

Essential: voters expect another poll

September 6, 2010 58

Voters expect to return to the polls within 12 months, according to the latest Essential Report poll, with Greens voters the most likely to reconsider the vote they cast a fortnight ago.