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The crisis in the Marxist tradition

May 10, 2018 12

The greatest challenge to Marxist thinking was from the Austrian tradition.

How useful is it to be banging on about Karl Marx in the 21st century?

May 9, 2018 50

The world seems to be throwing him a hell of a 200th birthday celebration, but what's really behind the fervour of these think pieces?

A sad indictment of the world’s corporate culture

May 8, 2018

Crikey readers respond to comments made by the new AMP chair David Murray, and a controversial piece on Karl Marx.

Bring on the next royal commission

May 7, 2018 2

Crikey readers offer suggestions of what should be examined after the banking sector.

Wishing you a miserable 200th birthday, Marx, you racist blaggard

May 7, 2018 57

It is often remarked that socialism is "good in theory, bad in practice". It’s a pretty rubbish theory if in practice it has failed every time it has been tried.

Happy 200th birthday, Marx, you wonderful, misunderstood shit-stirrer!

May 4, 2018 32

You only turn 200 once.

Crikey Quiz: Fran Drescher or Karl Marx?

February 23, 2018 4

The Nanny's Fran Fine was called "the lady in red" for a reason.

Rundle: how radical gender theory hijacked Marxism — and why we need to get it back

June 3, 2016 44

As the conditions of material economic revolution have faded, social and cultural struggles have come to the fore. And that's the problem.

In search of lost time: nostalgia for a workers’ paradise that never existed

September 7, 2015 12

It's easy to romanticise a working-class suburb and factory life for one who escaped them both.

Half marks on Karl Marx

September 2, 2011 27

Crikey readers have their say.

What was Left after the global economic collapse?

August 17, 2009

The GFC should have been the greatest moment ever for the Left. But why hasn't a viable political and economic alternative emerged? Did the Left miss their big chance?

Karl Marx: so hot right now

Karl Marx: so hot right now

May 18, 2009

The GFC has sparked a renewed interest in the works of Karl Marx, with sales of Das Kapital booming. Leo Panitch explains why Marx is a man for our times.