July, 2012

Human rights gets a new voice, Right Now

, Jul 03, 2012

Not-for-profit media organisation Right Now is a lesson in socially responsible and creative online publishing, writes Sanjay Fernandes, a freelance writer and journalist.

Parliamentary Privilege’s Greatest Hits

, May 27, 2011

Parliamentarians have a long history of using parliamentary privilege to say whatever they desire, writes Crikey intern Esther Ooi.

Up close and personal with Margaret Andrews

, Nov 05, 2010

Author Benjamin Law is all for public debate. He's all for feisty discussion. But the bizarre confrontation in the queue for a book signing with Margaret Andrews, wife of government minister Kevin Andrews, at this week's national conference for Family Relationships Services Australia took the cake.

Human rights: why we need a charter

, Feb 11, 2010

Emotional, fear-mongering and ill-informed comments about a human rights charter do not make for robust, reasoned, logical debate, writes Mark Blumer.

An infuriated Justice Kirby’s last day in court

, Feb 03, 2009

Is it any wonder that Michael Kirby should excoriate the conservatism of his colleagues as he did yesterday in the NT Intervention case? Asks Greg Barns.

The High Court: conservatives rule, OK?

, Aug 03, 2007

Thomas v Mowbray, the High Court’s decision yesterday to uphold the Howard government’s anti-terror laws, will be remembered by historians and legal scholars for two things: that this was one of the most conservative judgments in the Court’s one hundred and four year history, and that Justice Michael Kirby’s full blooded dissent will be forever remembered as one of the great Australian cries for liberty.

Justice Michael Kirby, ‘a loving man’

, Aug 02, 2007

What is Justice Kirby reading? What does he fantasise about? All the answers in this frank interview.