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The Oz playing the Manne: why it’s a barracker and a bully

September 14, 2011 56

The Australian is launching a major response to Robert Manne's Quarterly Essay, and the blurbs tell us that there will be more to come on Saturday, with the usual suspects lining up to respond.

Mitchell’s ‘magnificent obsession’: the man behind The Oz

June 21, 2011 23

As editor-in-chief since 2003, Chris Mitchell has used The Australian like a weapon to fight what often appears to be personal battles on a great many fronts.

Posetti accuses The Oz of bullying tactics

Posetti accuses The Oz of bullying tactics

May 6, 2011 13

University of Canberra journalism academic Julie Posetti has accused The Australian of bullying tactics by running an incorrect story yesterday complaining she failed to disclose the newspaper was threatening her with legal action in an ABC radio interview about Twitter.

Quiggin: How a newspaper became a troll

January 6, 2011

The Australian has reacted to this whole Julia Posetti defamation saga like an angry blogger, with ridiculous slurs, contradictions and a touch of Godwin's Law. Problem is, it's our national newspaper, laments John Quiggin.

Why do unis still support the Australian Literary Review?

December 17, 2010 5

In the wake of #twitdef, The Australian no longer deserves university funding for the Australian Literary Review, writes Ben Eltham in his weekly arts column My Cup of Tea.

Holmes: Stop ignoring the key #twitdef issue

December 3, 2010

Jonathan Holmes gives his damning assessment of the Chris Mitchell vs. Julia Possetti #twitdef case. Rather than focusing on the exact wording of a tweet, Mitchell should pay attention to the harsh criticism being levelled against his paper by a disenchanted ex-journo.

Most journalists…

December 3, 2010 2

Today, Professor of Journalism at Bond University and the author of The Journalist's Guide to Media Law Mark Pearson states the obvious in Crikey.

Posetti receives letter of demand from Chris Mitchell, and a special invitation

December 2, 2010 22

The editor in Chief of The Australian newspaper, Chris Mitchell, has sent a letter of demand to journalism academic, Julie Posetti, confirming he will pursue her for defamation over a series of tweets .

Note to The Australian: Twitter is not a newspaper

December 2, 2010 14

When Oz editor Chris Mitchell complains that Julie Posetti didn’t contact him to get his side of the story before tweeting, he completely misses the point.

Rundle: Mitchell’s own goal on the eco fascist line

December 1, 2010 9

If the editor of The Australian firms up defamation law as regards the metaphorical use of the "fascist" tag, then he will have handed innumerable people a precedent with which to target every News Ltd columnist and blogger who's muttered about "greenshirts", eco-Nazis or the like.

Grog on #twitdef

November 30, 2010

From one blogger attacked by The Australian to the other, Greg Jericho -- formerly known as Grog of Grog's Gamut -- discusses the defamation case by editor-in-chief of The Oz Chris Mitchell against academic Julie Posetti. Typical of The Oz and its war against new media, says Jericho.

The Oz v Twitter: tape recording soon to surface

November 29, 2010 15

The accuracy of a series of tweets at the centre of a landmark defamation case is about to be proved or disproved, thanks to the release of a tape recording of the conference where the alleged defamation occurred.

Keane: a partisan paper now wants to silence dissenters

November 29, 2010 37

The Australian's lack of interest in intellectual substance and quality debate has now become an effort to silence them elsewhere. The editor-in-chief's decision to sue for comments on Twitter is a new low.

Mitchell on defamation: ‘neither the paper nor I would ever sue’

November 29, 2010 11

Threats by editor-in-chief of the Australian Chris Mitchell to sue journalism academic Julie Posetti are all bluff.