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Rundle: why Australia must advocate for Assange to be set free

May 22, 2017 22

Ecuador has granted Julian Assange's asylum, the UK must honour that, and Australia must see that they do. Because no matter your opinion on the man or his recent political choices, the whole Swedish investigation has been a stitch-up from the start.

Why Julian Assange won’t give himself up to the Americans

January 20, 2017 20

Is Julian Assange's long stint in the Ecuadorian embassy a martyr's travail or a narcissist's temper tantrum?

Rundle: Rorschach test of Julian Assange rape claims gets more distinct

December 8, 2016 11

The rape allegations against Assange were an early manifestation of a split on the left/progressive side. That has deepened with his release of his second interview with prosecutors.

The strange case of Julian Assange

November 30, 2015 16

It's become clear that the Swedish and UK governments will do virtually anything to ensure the investigation of Julian Assange never proceeds.

Rundle: as sex claims lapse, is Julian Assange a free man?

Rundle: as sex claims lapse, is Julian Assange a free man?

August 14, 2015 9

The statute of limitations has expired on three of the accusations facing Assange, but one remains. But Crikey's writer-at-large raises serious questions about the circumstances around that charge ...

The persecution of Julian Assange is not feminist, it’s political

The persecution of Julian Assange is not feminist, it’s political

June 22, 2015 9

Julian Assange has revealed a lot that powerful governments do not want us to know. But what should be made of the rape allegations against him? PhD candidate and former UN adviser Felicity Ruby explains.

Keane: Assange loses appeal but stays in limbo

May 30, 2012

Julian Assange has lost his UK Supreme Court appeal against extradition to Sweden on a European Arrest Warrant to face sexual assault allegations in Sweden. Bernard Keane explains what will happen next.

Rundle: Assange needs to turn his predicament into a wider cause

Rundle: Assange needs to turn his predicament into a wider cause

November 3, 2011 7

Sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, the appeals court dismissed all four separate arguments made by Assange’s legal team, thus committing him to extradition to Sweden, should the Supreme Court refuse to review the appeal.

Rundle: court upholds Assange

November 2, 2011 12

By the end of November, Julian Assange will have spent a year either in remand or bailed to house curfew, with an electronic tag – the maximum amount of time he could have been jailed were he to be charged and convicted on the accusations made.

The madness of Assange’s third extradition hearing

July 14, 2011 8

Two justices, representing the near-pinnacle of English law have spent a more than a day considering the details of two one-night stands and a tackle rub undertaken nearly a year ago in a faraway city.

Crikey‘s coverage of Assange

March 22, 2011 8

Crikey readers have their say.

Police had links to Assange accuser

March 11, 2011 24

One of the police interrogators involved in the investigation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had links with one of the complainants.

The great waste of time, effort and words

The great waste of time, effort and words

February 25, 2011 6

I think I need to devise a new warning system to accompany any future comment I make about every promise a politician makes.

Assange bid fails, but extradition far from certain

February 25, 2011 19

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has lost the latest stage in his bid to avoid extradition to Sweden on s-x crime accusations. From London, Guy Rundle examines the evidence.

Rundle: Team Assange suffers an embarrassing setback

February 9, 2011 6

Team Assange had a less than totally successful day in court, after Assange's Swedish lawyer, while giving evidence, informed the court that he had incorrectly reported that the Swedish prosecutors had made no effort to interview Assange while he was in the country in late August/early September last year.

Rundle on the Assange trial

February 9, 2011 3

Crikey readers have their say.

Rundle: sneaking past security with Bianca and the Wikikids

February 8, 2011 14

When we last left our hero, he was languishing in a Norfolk mansion with a Glasgow Rolex on his ankle, trapped in a Christmas photo-shoot wearing hunting brogues.

Assange legal team’s skeleton argument on strong ground

January 12, 2011 39

Julian Assange’s legal team is on very strong ground and English courts have in recent years repeatedly shown a robustness that the political class of that country lacks when it comes to human rights.

Hamilton: the politics of WikiLeaks

December 22, 2010 6

The leaking of police reports detailing the victim statements of two women accusing Julian Assange of r-pe is a serious denial of justice.

Pobjie’s year in review: perfect ’10 for ruction, discord and Hey Hey’s demise

December 20, 2010 10

I don’t think it would be hyperbolic to say that 2010 has been the most momentous and exciting year since the dawn of time, writes Ben Pobjie.