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Two moments as treasurer when Wayne Swan proved his mettle

February 12, 2018 8

Wayne Swan faced a more dramatic set of economic challenges than any treasurer since World War II. His handling of them meant hundreds of thousands of Australians kept their jobs.

Crikey Worm: government slashes environment spending

December 13, 2017

Good morning, early birds. Government funding for environmental projects will soon fall to just 60% of the amount spent in 2013-14. Plus, former prime minister Julia Gillard has a warning for the government. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Crikey Quiz: can you tell the difference between Julia’s 2013 and Malcolm’s 2017?

November 10, 2017 5

Is it Malcolm Turnbull or Tony Abbott? A Liberal backbencher or a Labor faceless man?

How long does Malcolm Turnbull have left?

July 11, 2017 7

Political columnists have started to predict the "terminal stage" of the Turnbull government. Based on past experience, how long does his leadership have left?

Turnbull and the challenge of providing least-worst leadership

July 7, 2017 31

Malcolm Turnbull has been given a dud hand as Prime Minister but it's the only one he's got and he's making the best -- or the least worst -- of it.

Razer: the once-charming Gillard hops aboard the decaying bandwagon of neoliberalism

July 4, 2017 29

Julia Gillard today embraces the term that has served for some decades to artfully conceal neoliberal ideology: global.

EXCLUSIVE: Ten other major controversies from the Midwinter Ball

June 16, 2017 3

Crikey is breaking down these walls of silence!

Razer: we need more than appearances and personalities from our leaders

May 16, 2017 23

If we continue to be satisfied with the appearance of a particular politician's identity, appearances are all we’ll get.

Pampered ideologues mislead us on ‘stigma’ and mental health

March 23, 2017 24

Australia is overrun with old blokes who have no plans to address the escalating pain of real survival.

Where’s Julia Gillard?

March 8, 2017 2

How rarely we hear from Australia's first female leader.