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Tag archives: Journalism

How about an editorial standard for ‘independent’ economic modelling?

Bernard Keane September 18, 2017 3 Comments

It's time for media outlets to put their boot on the throat of the economic modelling industry and demand better standards.

Double standard: white men can’t be terrorists

Bernard Keane August 14, 2017 16 Comments

The media continues to be unable to use the t-word when the terrorist is white.

What on earth is The New York Times doing in Australia?

Emily Watkins August 9, 2017 9 Comments

Is The New York Times fulfilling its mission in Australia, or is it ruffling too many local feathers?

Can Google and Facebook be scrubbed of fake news?

Christopher Warren August 7, 2017 2 Comments

Google and Facebook are both trying to mitigate the influence of fake news. But how successful can they be?

Rundle: how journalism became the coal industry

Guy Rundle June 30, 2017 20 Comments

Good investigative journalism is vital for a pluralist, democratic reflexive society. But whether a mass of the public believe it to be so is quite a different proposition.

Tips and rumours

Crikey June 7, 2017 1 Comment

Paper defends Mirabella defamation claim ... Shorten not hateful enough for the Oz ... Culleton gets what he wants (sort of)

Do pearl-clutching journalists understand what the law really is?

Bernard Keane March 17, 2017 32 Comments

The reaction of journalists to innocuous comments by the new ACTU secretary reflect a poor understanding of what the law actually is.

‘Data integrity’ keeps spy report secret

Crikey March 3, 2017

In response to questions from Crikey yesterday, the department reiterated previous statements in January given to tech publications.

The secrecy surrounding Brandis’ ‘journalist information warrants’ threatens our democracy

Crikey March 2, 2017 2 Comments

It is incumbent on journalists and anyone interested in freedom of speech to talk about these restrictions as much as possible, writes former editor-in-chief of the SMH Peter Fray.

Why the Australian media won’t get Trumped

David Salter January 24, 2017 9 Comments

Things would go very differently if the Australian press took on President Donald Trump.