August, 2009

The second coming of John Westacott

, Aug 05, 2009

All the publicity about how John Westacott will return to save 60 Minutes from its current appalling performance ignores one very salient point: 60 Minutes' problems are all of his doing.

You beauty: Nine spruiks THIS afternoon

, Jun 23, 2009

Nine's Head of News Mark Calvert identifies the major selling point of new show THIS afternoon: the hosts are a bit of alright.

Arise Beatrix Campbell, OBE

, Jun 19, 2009

John Westacott in “No Apology” zone; (Alleged) Felineicide in Double Bay; Nancy's "Send ‘The Boys’ to Mecca" campaign continues, and more in this week’s edition of Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog.

Who is your editorial manager and what does she do?

, Jun 17, 2009

Seeing as the ABC in leaking like a sieve over the Chaser controversy, another employee gets in on the act. Plus more Westacott reminiscing, cheeky japes from the cricket world, the next appointee to the WA Supreme Court, and more.

Goodbye John ‘fuckability’ Westacott

, Jun 16, 2009

As he snaps on his gold watch, the eulogies for John Westacott keep pouring into Crikey.

Insiders tell: Westacott killed News at Channel Nine

, Jun 15, 2009

John Westacott presided over the most dramatic demise in Australian media history, say some disgruntled Channel Nine insiders.
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Westacott hagiography courtesy of The Oz

, Jun 15, 2009

The Australian,'s farewell to John Westacott hardly told the full story.

Tips and rumours

, Apr 02, 2008

Westy’s worries. From: Pike, Michelle on behalf of Westacott, JohnSent: Tue 1/04/2008 7:40 PM To: TCN News DepartmentSubject: FW: News & Current Affairs Team Drinks 6 April 08 Esteemed colleagues, At the monthly editorial drinks in the boardroom this Thursday, I’d like 10 minutes to discuss a couple of matters that impact on our very […]