February, 2017

Does DFAT support Israeli settlements?

, Feb 09, 2017

So why is "Ambassador Dave" working with a group that actively promotes the key threat to the two-state solution Australia supposedly supports?

The Western world is silent on Yemen atrocities (because it’s producing them)

, Oct 12, 2016

Western superpowers pick and choose which acts of mass killing count as "war crimes", and which wars to care about, writes foreign correspondent John Martinkus.
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Getting to the core of the threat of Islamic State

, Sep 08, 2014

The threat to the West from Islamic State depends entirely on whom you talk to -- a politician, or a security official.
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Even al-Qaeda thinks schoolgirl kidnappers Boko Haram too violent

, May 13, 2014

The Western media is (belatedly) outraged over the abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls. But an international reaction is exactly what terrorist group Boko Haram wants, writes UN adviser Robert Johnson in Nairobi.
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On the ‘front lines’: what is Indonesia doing to fight climate change?

, Feb 25, 2014

US Secretary of State John Kerry made an extraordinary speech calling for Indonesia to address climate change or risk losing everything. Crikey intern Luca Zuccaro looks into what the archipelago is doing to protect itself from catastrophe.
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Russia the real winner of Syrian negotiations

, Sep 16, 2013

Russia has returned from being a struggling second-rate international power to again strutting the international stage as, more or less, the equal of the United States.
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Hope for peace in Syria fades as Russia backs away

, May 21, 2013

Fighting has escalated in Syria, and Russia has started to arm pro-Assad forces. A peaceful end to the civil war is looking less and less likely.

The climate change superpower is China — can US catch up?

, Mar 26, 2013

A report out today shows the US is falling behind in the global low-carbon economy, while China surges ahead. Barack Obama has promised action on climate; what options does he have? The Climate Institute deputy CEO Erwin Jackson reports.
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Fallout from Israeli elections: peace at last?

, Feb 28, 2013

Change might just be afoot in the Middle East, following Israeli elections and comments by new US Secretary of State John Kerry. Analyst Jack Georgieff asks if peace is on the way -- or will it be more of the same.
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Clinton’s star power shone through as Obama’s ambassador

, Jan 21, 2013

Hillary Clinton has proved herself one of the most successful secretaries of state the US government has ever seen. Will she make a tilt for the presidency? Keep an eye on her actions ...