July, 2014

Labor takes a hard look at its union dominance

, Jul 24, 2014

Senator John Faulkner's proposed reform for state conference to surrender upper house voting power to the party membership does not look promising.
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Politicians are under surveillance — what will they do about it?

, May 29, 2014

The discovery that politicians are under surveillance when whistleblowers contact them should drive a serious attempt to protect the latter from surveillance.

Can we talk our way into reducing emissions?

, May 02, 2014

Crikey readers talk corruption, changing our habits to fight climate change, and what can be done about the Labor Party.
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Faulkner’s retirement shows NSW Labor has learnt nothing

, May 01, 2014

NSW Labor's indecent hurry to preselected senate candidates for the 2016 election shows how little its powerbrokers have learnt from ICAC and the WA debacle.
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The greatest threat to our rights is the Attorney-General’s Department

, Jun 05, 2013

The record of the Attorney-General's Department shows that, on national security, the department is the greatest threat to Australians' rights.
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Political farce: donations bill blows up on Labor and Abbott

, May 30, 2013

Tony Abbott has been forced by his colleagues to reverse his support for Labor's cynical deal to secure more public funding. But it's Labor that looked the most farcical.
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Media the real winners from a desperate, secret donations deal

, May 29, 2013

More funding for political parties will do nothing to curb the growth in donations -- and will only benefit media proprietors taking ad dollars. Our man in Canberra tests the claims.
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Political donation ‘shame’: watered down, and comes with a price

, May 28, 2013

Labor's new political donations bill waters down its previous commitment to disclosure requirements and now comes with a big price tag. Naturally, the parties agreed on the increase.
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Whatever happened to the warts-and-all review of the ALP?

, Apr 11, 2013

Two years ago, Labor held a comprehensive review to fix the party's problems. Things have gone from bad to worse for Labor, while a Crikey report card finds most of the report's recommendations have not been implemented. Crikey intern Ben Westcott looks at what happened to the report.
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John Faulkner a ‘contemptible charlatan’, say young ALP rebels

, Feb 05, 2013

In between boozy sessions at Kingston pubs, the weekend's Australian Young Labor Conference in Canberra threw up some tasty factional morsels.