March, 2015

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Why the media breached Bayley’s suppression order

, Mar 27, 2015

Jill Meagher's murderer was charged with more horrific crimes after the Meagher case was concluded. But a broad-ranging suppression order tried to prevent the Victorian media from reporting on his insidious history.
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Caro’s Flotsam and Jetsam: mediaeval science … victim blaming … strong women …

, Apr 23, 2014

George Brandis is once again standing up for those who need it least. Plus whether we should get rid of private school funding and a political candidate with some horrific views on domestic violence.
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Is the media coverage of Jill Meagher over the top?

, Mar 14, 2013

When a beautiful young woman is murdered, it reminds of us the dark side of being human. But is the media's salacious coverage of such tragic events justified?

Glenn Dyer’s TV ratings: the ABC’s worrisome report on Jill Meagher accused

, Mar 13, 2013

Should the ABC be showing more objectivity in reporting on the charges related to the Jill Meagher case?
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Attorneys-General looking for ideas to thwart social media

, Oct 02, 2012

Criminal trials and social media are not a good mix, but can lawmakers do anything about it? Attorney's General will meet on Friday to discuss it.

Jill Meagher case: Bolt, Twitter users warned on comment

, Sep 28, 2012

Social media is abuzz about the murder of Jill Meagher and the man accused of killing her. But media law experts warn people should be careful about what they say.