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Razer: Labor thinks it can woo voters by emulating Obama. Seriously.

December 12, 2017 9

The ALP, once ruthlessly efficient, is now just plain old ruthless. And a bit of Obama-style political coaching isn't going to change that.

Rundle: mad, bad Boris Johnson could somehow still end up steering Britain

October 5, 2017 32

Milquetoast Theresa May looks closer to political death everyday, leaving the helm of the Good Ship Tory (and Britain) up for grabs.

The Labor-Labour question: just how Corbyn-esque is Bill’s new inequality thought bubble?

July 24, 2017 17

The Labor Party seems to have discovered there is inequality in this country. Is Bill Shorten really having a come-to-Jeremy conversion?

Razer: tragedy tourism is older than selfies, so quit your outrage

July 20, 2017 14

Don't lecture millenials for tragedy selfies, they are just following an age-old practice.

Memo to Sarah Hanson-Young: questioning your taxpayer-funded holiday is not oppression

July 11, 2017 15

Sarah Hanson-Young has bridled at the "old white men" who dare to question her taxpayer-funded trip to the Great Australian Bight. To Hanson-Young, as to many on the faux left, the political is not merely personal, it is entirely narcissistic.

The surprisingly quick death of neoliberalism in Australia is underway

June 21, 2017 22

The Turnbull government is chucking neoliberal dogma overboard as fast as it can to try to keep up with a deeply sceptical electorate.

Turnbull desperate to govern from the centre, but foes won’t let him

June 19, 2017 19

Better than his overseas counterparts, Malcolm Turnbull has read the mood of electoral disillusionment, but his opponents are succeeding in preventing him from showing it.

Poll Bludger: intergenerational war is the new class conflict in the UK

June 14, 2017 10

It's no longer so much a matter of rich versus poor, as old versus young, as the voting patterns from the recent UK general election suggest.

Rundle: how Jeremy Corbyn might have saved the UK

June 13, 2017 17

It is all over for Theresa May -- and quite possibly for the Tories.

Corbyn-bashing ‘centrist’ media like the Guardian can jog right on

June 13, 2017 39

What we need right now is not more centrist op-eds from out-of-touch "liberal" media outlets. What we need is a shift in press so enamoured of its own interests.