July, 2012

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ABC to unleash citizen’s agenda at 2013 election

, Jul 27, 2012

The ABC plans to revamp its campaign coverage at next year's federal election following heavy criticism of the media's performance during the 2010 campaign.

Bagging the gallery isn’t the whole story re: leadership ‘beat-up’

, Feb 28, 2012

Incessant criticism of the Press Gallery's focus on the leadership has substance but lacks complexity.

NYT debate: what would it cost to end he-said-she-said journalism?

, Jan 13, 2012

The New York Times has raised the issue of he-said-she-said journalism. It should be discussed here, too, but it's more complicated than media critics think.

OurSay gets a boost via a Bolt from the blue

, Aug 11, 2011

OurSay is a not-for-profit group of young people who, on the smell of an oily rag and a lot of enthusiasm and new media savvy, have built a site with Facebook and Twitter presence through which they crowdsource questions.
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NotW: Hartigan weighs in … but more boots to drop, some of them here

, Jul 08, 2011

Today John Hartigan, the CEO of News Limited -- the Australian arm of the international empire -- weighed in with a statement on the News of the World debacle.
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TT v ACA … Ten’s graphic fail …

, Mar 14, 2011

Networks rush to bolster coverage in Japan ... CNBC anchor: We should be 'grateful' that human toll from Japan quake is 'worse' than economic toll ... A month with The Daily -- is it actually worth paying for? ....

Simons: ABC journalists have some ‘explaining’ to do

, Mar 08, 2011

The ABC is trying some new things in how it does journalism. But, I think, not enough.
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Missing an opportunity

, Sep 21, 2010

The prospect of further narrowing Labor's potential numbers in the House of Representatives is clearly attractive to an Opposition and why wouldn't it be.

Back to the Future of Journalism

, May 02, 2008

The future of journalism is the subject of much discussion and experimentation overseas, but until recently the debates has been largely absent among Australian journalists, writes Margaret Simons.

Berg on the ABC, Simons on Berg

, Aug 07, 2007

What role is there for public broadcasting in the new media age of plenty, asks Institute of Public Affairs fellow Chris Berg in The Australian today. It’s a fair question – indeed the most important question facing the ABC, writes Margaret Simons.