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Japan nuclear power plants


Japan nuclear power plants


Where will Japan's radioactive waste go?

CrikeyAug 10, 2011

It's been five months since the devastating Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami and most of the clean-up is complete. But is chucking dirt contaminated with nuclear waste just a few feet underground a viable long-term solution?

Fukushima nuke plant 'in a state of meltdown'

Glenn DyerMay 13, 20114 Comments

According to Japanese media reports, there seems to have been a partial or substantial meltdown of the fuel rods in the No.1 reactor at Fukushima.

Some good news for Japan's nuclear situation

Some good news for Japan's nuclear situation

CrikeyMar 25, 2011

Although the nuclear situation in Japan remains serious there has been some good news in the last 24 hours, including workers being allowed to return to Units 3 and 4, writes Amber Jamieson.

The Libyan quagmire

CrikeyMar 23, 20113 Comments

Crikey readers have their say.

Nucle-yay or nay? How Japan has divided critics

Nucle-yay or nay? How Japan has divided critics

Amber JamiesonMar 23, 2011

One interesting thing to come out of the Japanese quake and resulting ongoing difficulties at the Fukushima nuclear plant, is the two vastly different takes on the issue of nuclear power, writes Amber Jamieson.

Japan's nuclear crisis: danger cools, but still no obvious fix

Paul BarryMar 18, 20117 Comments

The crisis at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear facility may be cooling. But serious problems remain with unit 4, which contains spent a couple of hundred nuclear fuel rods in a deep concrete pool that is either empty or very low in water.

Japan, nuclear power, fear and misinformation

CrikeyMar 16, 20113 Comments

Crikey readers have their say.

<em>Guardian</em> v WikiLeaks ... Nine's nuclear map hoax ...

Guardian v WikiLeaks ... Nine's nuclear map hoax ...

CrikeyMar 16, 20113 Comments

The latest in the Guardian v WikiLeaks, the scary nuclear graph on Nine News is a hoax, Fairfax sued for one billion dollars and other media news.

What's radiation poisoning like? And other Japan questions

CrikeyMar 16, 2011

As Japan rushes to stop nuclear meltdown and limit the exposure of radioactive material to its citizens, how do evacuees know if they've been exposed? Also, what will the government do with all the debris from buildings? Slate explains.

Japan's nuclear crisis: the technical facts

CrikeyMar 16, 2011

A fire broke out in reactor 4 at the troubled Fukushima nuclear plant this morning. Michael R James summarises exactly what has happened -- from explosions to failed cooling attempts -- at Japan's quake-affected nuclear plants.

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