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Will the Disney deal split the Murdoch men?

December 14, 2017

Ahead of a 21st Century Fox restructure and the monolithic Fox-Disney deal, questions are being raised about how Rupert's heirs fit in.

New measure for papers … gag laws on the agenda … breakfast shuffle continues …

December 11, 2017 3

Lisa Wilkinson will take charge of Ten's new website as part of her defection to the network. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

ABC host pushed out … Snackable TV feels the crunch … ‘Jingle balls’ …

ABC host pushed out … Snackable TV feels the crunch … ‘Jingle balls’ …

December 6, 2017 4

The ABC will announce its 2018 radio line-up today, as ABC Canberra Mornings host Genevieve Jacobs tells listeners she's been made redundant.

How the Murdoch sons handled merger gossip during September quarterly briefing

November 9, 2017

Lachlan and James Murdoch presented a po-faced denial that anything is changing at Fox.

Another year, another Murdoch family salary rip-off

October 3, 2017 1

When it comes to executive pay, how much is too much for the Murdoch family? Stephen Mayne and Glenn Dyer report.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

July 18, 2017 1

VPNs enable piracy, paedophilia and terrorism, says Sharri Markson.

Mayne: are the Murdochs (including Rupert) really ‘fit and proper’?

June 30, 2017 4

The UK government will have to decide if the Murdochs are "fit and proper" to hold a UK broadcasting licence. James and Lachlan have made the case that they are -- but what about dear old dad?

Mayne: conflicts of interest everywhere, so time for new independent directors at Ten

April 28, 2017

Lachlan Murdoch, James Packer and Bruce Gordon -- three billionaire substantial shareholders who double up as loan guarantors for Network Ten. And that is a problem.

O’Reilly finally sacked despite Rupert’s protests

April 20, 2017 2

O'Reilly's sacking represents James Murdoch’s biggest victory inside the Murdoch family.

Murdoch sons pushing for O’Reilly to be factored out of Fox’s future

April 19, 2017 4

It looks like Roger Ailes all over again.