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Great, polygamy-promoting Keysar Trad now ‘representing’ Australian Muslims

Irfan Yusuf August 2, 2016 3 Comments

Keysar Trad has finally hit the big time. Are his PR skills up to the challenge?

Wind power, Islam and sex workers

Crikey July 25, 2016

Crikey readers discuss Friday's edition.

ABC takes up arms in the culture war over ‘radical Islam’ tweet

Myriam Robin June 16, 2016 2 Comments

Is it the job of the public broadcaster to weigh in on official channels about the term "radical Islam"?

Why are conservatives so damn obsessed with Islam?

Irfan Yusuf June 16, 2016 3 Comments

From what we know about Omar Mateen, this massacre was not an act of Islamic State-sponsored terrorism.

Did the <em>Herald Sun</em> incite hatred against Muslims?

Did the Herald Sun incite hatred against Muslims?

Myriam Robin June 2, 2016 8 Comments

The Herald Sun has had to defend itself against claims it breached the Victorian Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

Rundle: Islam does not need a reformation, but the West might

Guy Rundle December 17, 2015 14 Comments

Violent fundamentalism does not come out of Islamic nations. It comes out of Islamic nations that have been violently occupied by Western powers.

Tony Abbott’s alliance of interests with Islamic State

Bernard Keane December 9, 2015 30 Comments

Tony Abbott's attacks on Islam and demands for more military intervention in the Middle East reflect how advocates of the War on Terror have the same agenda as the people they want to fight.

Breed, (white, rich) women of Australia!

Shakira Hussein November 10, 2015 9 Comments

There is a baby drought! Except it seems to be a drought of a very particular kind of baby ...

Tax ’em where it hurts

Tax ’em where it hurts

Crikey November 9, 2015 5 Comments

Crikey readers discuss tax policy and other issues of the day.

It’s always someone else

Crikey November 4, 2015 1 Comment

Crikey readers discuss counter-terrorism and other issues of the day.