July, 2009

Iran’s religious cleansing

, Jul 24, 2009

Political dissidents aren't the only people facing brutal treatment in Iran: the country's non-Muslim minorities are regularly persecuted by both state and society. So why doesn't the West take notice?

Hate speech, the hijab and western media

, Jul 14, 2009

Despite the gruesome nature of Marwa el-Sherbini's murder in a German courtroom by her neighbour, the western media have shied away from telling her story.

Xinjiang riots: it’s all about the money

, Jul 13, 2009

The recent civil unrest by Muslim Uighurs in China is not about Islam, as the Government alleges -- it's about economics, writes Josh Chin.

New game show: Who Wants to be a Religious Zealot?

, Jul 07, 2009

A new Turkish game show challenges a Muslim imam, a Greek Orthodox priest, a rabbi and a Buddhist monk to convert one of 10 atheists to their religion of choice, with new converts winning a trip to Mecca, Jerusalem or Tibet. Plus eternal salvation, presumably.
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Why Sarkozy wants to ban the burqa

, Jun 25, 2009

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has made waves with his calls to ban the burqa from being worn in public. His sentiments are caught up in a collision of French feminism, nationalism and secularism.

Ethiopian troops return to Somalia

, Jun 25, 2009

Less than a year after fleeing in the face of an Islamist insurgency, Ethiopian forces have come back to help prevent a moderate government from collapsing at the hands of militant Islamists.

Is the burqa a prison?

, Jun 23, 2009

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has declared the Islamic burqua a sign of the "subjugation" and "submission of women". But what if a woman chooses to wear it of her own accord? asks Salon's Broadsheet.

Obama: still a Muslim

, Jun 12, 2009

A working paper [PDF] from Duke University has found it's very difficult to convince the 11% of Americans who still believe Barack Obama is a Muslim that he is, in fact, a Christian.

Obama subtly sticks up for Muslim women

, Jun 05, 2009

Obama's statement in Cairo that "I reject the view of some in the West that a woman who chooses to cover her hair is somehow less equal" is a subtle but strong statement in support of Muslim women, says Tracy Clark-Flory.
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VIDEO: Obama addresses the Middle East

, Jun 05, 2009

President Obama's address in Cairo offered an eloquent case for American values and global objectives, said The Washington Post. Watch what they were talking about.