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ISIS article ‘censored’ … Canadian government’s plan for news … video of the day …

March 1, 2018 is claiming that it was censored after a ruling by the Classification Board found that one of its articles "directly or indirectly" advocated terrorist acts. And other media tidbits of the day.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

September 18, 2017 1

Barnaby Joyce's unexpected merger ... sour grapes at the Courier-Mail? ... Apple lets you heart ISIS ...

Barcelona attack: La Rambla vulnerable as public attraction

August 18, 2017 6

The La Rambla attack in Barcelona tragically shows the adaptive capabilities of terrorists.

What is Islamic State doing in the Philippines?

June 20, 2017 1

We are a month into the siege of the country’s biggest Muslim city, Marawi, by groups who have aligned themselves with the so-called Islamic State.

Blaming one sect of Islam for ‘producing the most terrorists’ is idiotic

June 8, 2017 7

In the fight against Islam, Wahhabism shouldn't be our focus, as we unpack its origins and how it relates to Islamic terror.

Why ISIS fighters should be allowed back into Australia

May 18, 2017 3

Neil Prakash is returning to Australia. Here's why that could be a good thing for our fight against extremism.

Bashar al-Assad’s next move

April 11, 2017 10

Bashar al-Assad has never shown that he cares how long the war lasts and how many more die in agonising circumstances, writes former Australian ambassador in Syria Ross Burns.

Actual soldier refutes Devine in the value of women in combat

April 5, 2017 16

Gender diversity is not a PC buzzword -- it saves lives and wins wars, a senior Defence servicewoman has said.

Russian ambassador shot dead in Turkey, Syria on a knife edge

December 20, 2016 3

Upon shooting him, Karlov’s assassin cried: "Don’t forget Syria. Don’t forget Aleppo."

Three things you don’t understand about the Syrian war

December 19, 2016 7

For a start, the rebels are not one big happy family all fighting for a common notion of justice.