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Topic archives: Iraq

Crikey Worm: Turnbull poll shock continues

November 14, 2017 1

Good morning, early birds. Jacqui Lambie's parliamentary career hangs in the balance, while Pauline Hanson's latest recruit has already (allegedly) defected. Plus, a massive earthquake in Iraq and Iran has killed hundreds. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Kurdistan’s five hurdles to independence

October 17, 2017 4

Official independence looks impossible in the short term.

Crikey Worm: renewables out, ‘dispatchables’ in

October 17, 2017 1

Good morning, early birds. The Coalition's plan to drive down power prices requires energy retailers to buy a certain amount of "dispatchable power", and Iraqi forces attempt to reclaim areas of the country from the Kurds. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Taking out the trash: the bad news released under the cloak of the grand finals

October 2, 2017 6

When better to bury news you might not want the public to know about than when there is a lot of football on?

Rundle: Trump’s crusade against NFL part of a global unraveling

September 27, 2017 32

Evidence that the nation-state is crumbling as an organisational precept for our world abounds: in the Catalonian referendum, the Kurdish election and Trump's war with the AFL.

Happy warmonger Trump joins the circle of a perpetual war

August 23, 2017 18

While the foreign policy establishment applauds Trump's conversion to military intervention, they never ask the question of why the War on Terror has been such a spectacular failure.

Actual soldier refutes Devine in the value of women in combat

April 5, 2017 16

Gender diversity is not a PC buzzword -- it saves lives and wins wars, a senior Defence servicewoman has said.

How the deficit was blown: the Coalition’s $100 billion bill

April 3, 2017 26

Far from being fiscally disciplined, the government has blown over $100 billion courtesy of bad, ideological or partisan decisions, and taxpayers will be bearing the cost for a long time to come.

Reclaiming Mosul would change everything

February 27, 2017 4

And the Kurds will present an especially difficult problem.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

September 30, 2016 3

Wyatt Roy's Middle East sojourn ... thanks for nothing ... sports-mad Parliament ...