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An Australian soldier begs to be punished for a crime we forced him to commit

Crikey October 18, 2016 2 Comments

Returned Sergeant Kevin Frost cannot deal with the pain and guilt of what happened in Afghanistan any longer. It's a pain foreign correspondent John Martinkus knows well.

Put Bush, Blair and Howard in the dock for democracy’s sake

Bernard Keane July 14, 2016 14 Comments

The failure of Bush, Blair, Murdoch and Howard to be held accountable for the Iraq invasion contributes to the profound discontent gripping their countries.

Rundle: the Chilcot Inquiry, and Iraq’s true history

Guy Rundle July 11, 2016 33 Comments

Blair lied to his cabinet, his party, and the people of his nation. Effectively, he used the entire UK as a patsy.

You can’t play favourites on leaks

Crikey July 11, 2016 1 Comment

Crikey readers weigh in on issues of the day.

So how did Bolt get hold of Wilkie’s top-secret Iraq War doc?

Josh Taylor July 8, 2016 14 Comments

The Andrew Bolt-Andrew Wilkie case shows the lengths Federal Police will go to in hunting down a journalist's sources.

Blair’s bad day

Blair’s bad day

Myriam Robin July 7, 2016

The British press lets rip on the former PM ...

Turnbull, Shorten and the orange, weirdly coiffed elephant in the room

Charles Richardson June 6, 2016 2 Comments

Shorten touched on Trump, but generally speaking both sides have avoided talk of foreign policy so far this campaign.

With the fall of the Green Zone, ‘our’ Iraq comes undone

Crikey May 3, 2016 1 Comment

There used to be a fiction of safety in Iraq, but with Australian and American troops gone, that fiction has crumbled too, writes foreign correspondent John Martinkus.

Why the killing in Iraq will never end

Crikey April 7, 2016 12 Comments

In Iraq, the hatred for the ruling class is too deeply entrenched, writes John Martinkus.

This is Abbott’s Dubya moment

This is Abbott’s Dubya moment

Helen Razer September 3, 2015 13 Comments

Tony Abbott seems determined to bog Australia down in another war in the Middle East, even though it is bad for Australia and even bad for Abbott himself.